What Happened To “The Only Man Who Can Save AmeriKKKa” Ron Paul?

Ron Paul is out and thus ends his Revolution!

Often refered to as America’s Crazy Unkle, Wrong Paul, er I mean, Ron Paul had a unique following in his campaign.  Both Far Right White Supremacists and Left Wing anti-war nut jobs were standing side by side in what turned out to be Freak Show in the Political Circus.

His dismal showings in the Primaries forced him to rethink his strategy and brought him to the conclusion that instead of Presidential Politics, he would start concentrating his efforts on keeping the job he already has and begin focusing on being re-elected to his seat in the  Federal Institute of Stupidology, also known as Congress.

From The Politico:

Just as the liberal Ohio congressman realized last month that his long-shot presidential campaign was imperiling his prospects for keeping his House seat, Paul appears to be choosing the comfort of incumbency over a continued effort to win a nomination that he has virtually no shot at capturing.

Last night, the libertarian-leaning Texas congressman sent a message to his supporters signaling that he was scaling back his presidential bid.

Personally, I’m happy that this useless idiot finally had the sense to bow out.  Hey Ron, the rock you crawled out from under or the village from which you came is awaiting your return.

8 responses to “What Happened To “The Only Man Who Can Save AmeriKKKa” Ron Paul?

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  2. Maryland republicans elected 4 representatives running on the same platform as Ron Paul to go against democrats ..

    And there are more running .. Ron Paul has started something and some people are now standing up and getting in the fray with him to make some change at the Federal level

    CA, GA, LA, NC, NH, has each 2 Ron Paul Republicans running, for federal office … NY and OH have 5 each while other staes have one.

    This movement has just started .. not ending ..

    Ron Paul is not going anywhere .. Bush Sr and Bush Jr. campaigned against him in his district and he still won … so he has support despite the candidates the establishment Republican Party throws against him.

    Your comments are inaccurate, premature and lack substance … but then most partisan bloggers like yourself are no better then the MSM …

    I’ll take those who actually do some digging over the cut and pasters like yourself any day

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  4. Yeah, you wish. LoL. What more can the campaign do?

    It’s called saving money. It’ s up to the people now. Oh, that’s right, you probably think the government should run verything right?

  5. Of course anyone who wants to take Israel off the federal titty is anti-zionist. Then throw in some klansmen and socialists for good measure. Yeh right ,I’m sure he goes over to these people’s houses all the time and hangs out, eats supper,shoots pool,etc. Thanks for your refreshing insight and unbiased look into the subject of geopolitics. And your about as rougue a jew as my jewish grandmother.

  6. Wrong Paul is just as big a pork spender as Murtha and the rest of the Klan.


    Here is just a list of a few discretionary spending projects that Ron Paul voted in favor of or actually put in himself!

    Some of the outrageous pork projects Paul voted to keep include $231,000 for the San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association’s Urban Center;

    $129,000 for the “perfect Christmas tree project;”

    $300,000 for the On Location Entertainment Industry Craft Technician Training Project in California;

    $150,000 for the South Carolina Aquarium;

    $500,000 for the National Mule and Packers Museum in California.

    This year, Ron Paul requested more than sixty earmarks “worth tens of millions of dollars for causes as diverse as rebuilding a Texas theater, funding a local trolley, and helping his state’s shrimp industry.”

    In defense of his support for earmarks, Rep. Paul took the if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em position, arguing that “I don’t think they should take our money in the first place. But if they take it, I think we should ask for it back.” This is a contradiction of Paul’s self-proclaimed “opposition to appropriations not authorized within the enumerated powers of the Constitution.”

  7. roguejew

    i hear what your trying to say….

    but its still a matter of voting on principle. i think he’s exactly right. so much money never should go to washington in the first place. why not ask for the tax dollars back? it just gets spent on so much other wasteful spending

    mccain calls bush on 35 billion in pork. what a joke. some real political points there for the uneducated.

    “pork” is just a political weapon now. you are trying to make a case against a great principled congressman with hundreds of thousands of dollars as your evidence

    . the real money is being spent on bureaucracy and war. we all know ron paul has the best record in the most important matters. billions and trillions are the real injustice, not hundreds of thousands

    spend your time focusing on the priorities and try helpin a real republican get elected, not the frauds we all know they are.

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