Could B. Hussein Obama Be America’s First Affirmative Action President?

I thought Bill Clinton was America’s first Black President?  Did I miss something along the way?  To me, it’s not the the guy is black, I could care less about what the color of his skin is.  The fact remains that Barack Hussein Obama is a single term Senator that has done NOTHING!  Nada!  Zip!  Zero!  Zilch!  He has not a solid leg to stand on in way of experience.  The guy is the weakest of the three front running candidates, nothing more then an ultra liberal talking head that talks out of his ass.

From the guys over at Right Wing News:

Barack Obama is the single least qualified candidate running for the presidency, on either side, and he wouldn’t have the slightest chance to win the Democratic nomination or the presidency if he weren’t black. So, if he were to get elected, wouldn’t that make him the first Affirmative Action President?

Obama is nothing more then a reincarnation of the Jimmy Carter presidency.  Like Jimmy The Dhimmi, Obama is all mouth and no bite.

The Anti-war Obama would likely abandon the Iraqi people and leave them up Shiite Creek without a paddle much like when Jimmy Carter turned his back on the Shah of Iran and the Iranians and left them to the Islamic Dictatorship it is today.  It was after all Carter who fostered the rise of Islamofacism and has embraced the terrorist leaders as his friends while turning a blind eye to their bloodthirsty agenda against the Jewish State of Israel.  Incompetent politicians like Carter and Obama have no problem with abandoning an ally and leaving them in the hands of a totalitarian dictatorship.  Thats how liberals treat their friends.

From Israel Matzav:

Why does Carter matter? Because in many ways, Carter is the archetype for Barack Hussein Obama, now the front runner for the Democratic nomination. Like Carter, Obama is an unknown who has come out of nowhere. Like Carter, Obama is a creature of the leftist media. Like Carter, Obama is relatively young (he’s 47 years old – Carter was 52). Obama is a first-term Senator from the State of Illinois. That’s right – he was elected to the Senate in 2004 and started serving in January 2005, just three years ago. But here’s the key to why Obama is like Carter: Three years in the Senate, even as a member of the foreign relations committee, does not give one the experience to run the country’s foreign relations. So Obama, like Carter before him, will be dependent upon his foreign policy advisers at a crucial time for both the US and Israel. Without his advisers, Obama has no clue how to set a foreign policy agenda. As former Israeli ambassador to the US Danny Ayalon wrote in the JPost last week:

I think Carter is actually hoping that an empty suit like Obama as POTUS would take his place as the most failed president in American History.

3 responses to “Could B. Hussein Obama Be America’s First Affirmative Action President?

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  2. You should be careful not to confuse “qualified” with “experienced”. Experience is one aspect of what makes someone qualified for a position but other factors are also involved like intelligence and education.

    Additionally, calling Carter the most failed president in history doesn’t reflect too positively on your grasp of American politics. Bush aside there have been quite a few presidents that did worse than Carter – Harding and Tyler come first to mind.

    In general it wouldn’t hurt to learn a little about what you’re writing about prior to posting – the statement about Obama “leaving the Iraqui people up Shiite Creek” is also patently false. He has pledged on countless occasions to “be as careful leaving Iraq as we were hasty in entering.”

    It’s fine to disagree with a party or politician but at least respect them (and yourself) enough to understand their positions.

  3. Yes, Barack Obama IS in fact, the first affirmative action president. A man who became president because of the color of his skin, just like many Blacks get into Harvard or Yale thanks to their pigmentation.

    It’s a very sad state of affairs. I guess the next four years are gonna be a whole era of Barack (on a daily basis) is going to provide us with proof that he was in noway the right guy for the job…

    I am a student, I live in Canada, and I plan to get a master’s degree in the States. So I am very much interested in what is going on on your side of the border (I would like to work in the US, in afew years- I mean, legally)…

    I must say, I think that if liberals simply wanted a handsome black man as president… actor Denzel Washington would have done the job just as well! Better, in fact.

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