Hillary Clinton’s Motherly Love: Takes A Swipe At Pimped Daughters Profession.

First she gets rid of Chelsea’s pet Socks the Cat, then she’s pimpin her own flesh and blood out for votes, now she’s dissing the First Daughter’s chosen profession by saying that people like Chelsea “Aren’t doing real work”.  Sounds like a slap in the face to me, see for yourself.

From ABC News:

ABC News’ Jennifer Parker and Eloise Harper Report: Sen. Hillary Clinton took a swipe at her daughter’s profession today at an economic roundtable discussion at a restaurant in Parma, Ohio, suggesting wealthy investment bankers and hedge fund managers on Wall Street aren’t doing real ‘work.’

The former first lady’s daughter, Chelsea Clinton, works for New York-based hedge fund Avenue Capital Group. She previously worked in New York for McKinsey & Company, her first job after graduating with her master’s degree from Oxford University.

“We also have to reward work more,” Clinton told a small group of Ohio residents today. “and by that, I mean, I have people in New York working on Wall Street as investment managers, as hedge fund executives. Under the tax code, they can pay a lower percentage of their income in taxes on $50 million dollars, than a teacher, or a nurse, or a truck driver in Parma pays on $50,000. That’s very discouraging to people.”

Does Chelsea really “work”? My job in the Banking Industry requires me to actually show up at the office and do something productive each and every  day. All Chelsea seems to be doing lately is jet setting around the country wooing so called Super Delegates.

Let’s not forget how the First “lady” (term used loosely) made lots and lots of money off of Cattle Futures.  Did she return any of that money?  What a hypocritical fraud and a total schmuck Mrs. Clinton is, especially for the virtual slap in the face to her own daughter.

People like me who work in the banking industry actually work over 40 hrs a week or more to earn our incomes that she and her liberal friends are oh so eager to take from our wallets and redistribute.

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