Clinton: Obama ‘change you can Xerox’

The gruesome twosome are at it again.  How do you decide which one of these two is the biggest douchebag?  Do we flip a coin?

At tonight’s debate, Hillary brought out the boo’s and Osama, er I mean Obama, had them cheering.

From Yahoo News:

AUSTIN, Texas – Hillary Rodham Clinton accused presidential rival Barack Obama of political plagiarism Thursday night, but drew boos from a Democratic debate audience when she ridiculed him as the candidate of “change you can Xerox.”

Obama dismissed the charge out of hand, then turned the jeers to applause when he countered, “What we shouldn’t be doing is tearing each other down, we should be lifting the country up.”

The exchange marked an unusually pointed moment in an otherwise civil encounter in the days before March 4 primaries in Texas and Ohio — contests that even some of Clinton’s supporters say she must win to sustain her campaign for the White House.

The former first lady has lost 11 straight primaries and caucuses, and trails her rival in convention delegates. Obama has won a pair of big union endorsements in the past two days.

Upside down or rightside up, these two schmucks are both equally as liberal as the other, and equally as bad for America.  Change my ass!  Same playbook, different players.  Two interchangeable talking heads, they both suck, despite reports from Bill Clinton, yes Hillary does suck, just not Bill!

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