B. Hussein Obama Wants Your Guns!

I wondered when Gun Control would come up in this years Presidential Election.  Is it a surprise that Presidential Wannabe B. Hussein Obama is a fan of disarming Law Abiding citizens here in the United States?

From The Volokh Conspiracy:

Barack Obama is on the record as endorsing a total ban on “the sale or transfer of all forms of semi-automatic weapons.” Now this would cover the majority of all handguns now being manufactured, as well as many rifles and quite a few shotguns. But I acknowledge that by itself it won’t dramatically restrict people’s ability to defend themselves, because revolvers (for handguns), bolt-action rifles, and pump-action shotguns would still be legal, and would be pretty much as effective for self-defense as semiautomatics.Yet what would happen after this ban is enacted? To the extent the ban would have any effect on criminals, it would lead them to shift to revolvers, bolt-action rifles, and pump-action shotguns. Crime using those kinds of weapons would thus go up.

We all know the Clinton record on Disarmament.  We all know how ineffective all of it was in reducing crime.

The likely Democratic Candidate is more then likely to be B. Hussein Obama.  United States Senator, Muslim, and former Congressman from Crime ridden Chicago who likes to keep citizens from defending themselves from criminals by taking away our freedom to Keep and Bear Arms.

4 responses to “B. Hussein Obama Wants Your Guns!

  1. No, it is no surprise at all–what is a surprise is the number of mind-numbed morons that seem to be following this zealot. Yikes is all I can say–Yikes!!!

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