Real Africans Love George W. Bush

Here in America, most African-Americans suffer from Booosh Derangement Syndrome like their Caucasian partners on the left, and hate him with a passion, but the real Africans, you know the ones that LIVE in Africa LOVE George W. Bush.

Africa Loves Bush

From Reuters:

Welcomed earlier by crowds of cheering Liberians who lined the streets of the war-damaged coastal capital Monrovia, Bush pledged U.S. backing to help Liberia heal the social and economic wounds of the 1989-2003 war that killed 200,000 people.

“The United States will stand with you as you rebuild your country,” Bush said in a speech before he and Johnson-Sirleaf watched a parade of U.S.-trained Liberian troops in Monrovia.

Why do Africans in Africa love G W B, but African Americans despise the guy?

Perhaps he has done more for Africans in Africa than the American Africans in America has?  Where is P Diddy and Snoop Doggy Dog, Danny Glover, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the rest of the Afro Americans when Africa needs them?  Oh yeah, their to busy hating on G W Bush instead.

11 responses to “Real Africans Love George W. Bush

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  2. “Why do Africans in Africa love G W B, but African Americans despise the guy?”

    They love him because they don’t know much about him.

    Bush didn’t show much love to the people in New Orleans in their time of need so why should they have any love for him?

    Basically, ignorance is Bush’s ally.

  3. It’s great that Africans in Africa love Bush (for now), but will they continue to love him if he were to command Africa for the next 8 year. I’m not sure it would be safe for Africa to love Bush, he can lead them into even more deeper problems than they have now. I’m sure African American here in the U.S. would prefer for Bush to stay in Africafor the rest of his presidency, but we have to be fair and think what is best for Africa, Bush is definately not best for Africa.

  4. George Bush is one of the best president the US has ever had. Wait 30 years and you will see that history will agree.

  5. Bush is the real deal Holyfield Truth. Don’t player hate on my boy GW. I think we will see true equality when there is a 50/50 split among african-ameriicans that are Republicans and Democrats.

  6. this is most unprofessional site, i have ever seen, if you call 9/11 may all the vitcems R.I.P´´
    but 9/11, Was inside job ,2 wars and the collapse on Wall Street soon mr.bush is gonna attak iran, George Bush is not one of the best president the US has ever had ,,i think the best president of usa was John F. Kennedy R.I.P
    iraq loves black ppl god/allah blees peace.

  7. WAIT…..Thats totally not true most Real African hate Bush too. There are signs in South Africa that speak of Bush as if he is the Devil. I will speak for my Zulu famiy and say Bush Sucks

  8. im a real african from liberia and i dont love or even like bush. only the uncle toms in africa love bush. they dont show africans like me on the news because we are real.

  9. I’m a real African (whatever that means), a compassionate conservative, a self-made millionaire, an ardent supporter of God’s people (the REAL Jews), an admirer of George W. Bush long before he became President and I have to say your blog sucks!

    You write so glowingly about George Bush simply because he had an (R) after his name, not realizing that you have VERY LITTLE in common with this great man. Conservatism is not the same as bigotry, racism, stupidity, ignorance or hate. If you were one-hundredth the man George Bush is, your life would be worth something. The REAL problem in America is pieces of junk like you.

    If you were a real Jew (the ones who LIVE in Israel, speak Hebrew and pray in the Synagogue), you would understand what I’m trying to educate you about. Unfortunately, you’re just a Rogue Jew who happens to be the citizen of country that is not yours. Like every human being, someday you’ll be gone (with all your hate, bigotry and emptiness) and no one will remember you, but the United States of America will still remain and hopefully a better, loving and more peaceful place without you.

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