Barack Hussein Obama Raised Money For Palestinians

Here is a prime example of a Politician speaking from both ends and both coming out smelling like heaps of Bullshit.

From WND:

JERUSALEM – Sen. Barack Obama has spoken at fundraisers for Palestinians living in what the United Nations terms refugee camps, WND has learned.Palestinians have long demanded the “right of return” for millions of “refugees,” a formula Israeli officials across the political spectrum warn is code for Israel’s destruction by flooding the Jewish state with millions of Muslim Arabs, thereby changing its demographics.

In a conference call last month with Jewish and Israeli media aimed primarily at dispelling Internet reports he is anti-Israel, Obama stated “Palestinian refugees” belong in their own state and do not have a “literal” right of return to Israel.

But alas, the “Chosen One”, Al Gore’s replacement as the latest Messiah of the Democratic Party stated the complete opposite in the 1990’s while speaking at events that benefited the so called “Palestinian People” he was helping raise money for the United Nations for the alleged refugees.

Continued From WND…..

Ali Abunimah, a Chicago-based Palestinian-American activist and co-founder of Electronic Intifada, a pro-Palestinian online publication, recalls introducing Obama at one such event, a 1999 fundraiser for the Deheisha Palestinian camp in the West Bank.

Abunimah also was recently quoted saying that until a few years ago, Obama was “quite frank that the U.S. needed to be more evenhanded, that it leaned too much toward Israel.”

Abunimah noted Obama’s unusual stance toward Israel, commenting “these were the kind of statements I’d never heard from a U.S. politician who seemed like he was going somewhere, rather than at the end of his career.”

Abunimah previously described meeting with Obama at a fundraiser at the home of Columbia University professor Rashid Khalidi, reportedly a former PLO activist.

“[Obama]came with his wife. That’s where I had a chance to really talk to him,” Abunimah recalled. “It was an intimate setting. He convinced me he was very aware of the issues [and] critical of U.S. bias toward Israel and lack of sensitivity to Arabs. … He was very supportive of U.S. pressure on Israel.

According to quotes obtained by Gulf News, Abunimah recalled a 2004 meeting in a Chicago neighborhood while Obama was running for his Senate seat. Abunimah quoted Obama telling him “warmly” he was sorry that “I haven’t said more about Palestine right now, but we are in a tough primary race.”

“I’m hoping when things calm down, I can be more up front,” Abunimah reportedly quoted the senator as saying.

With the dangers facing America right now from Islamic Facism, I highly doubt that we need to place an advocate for these people into the White House.  I view Obama as a ambitious politician who will say and promise whatever he needs to in order to get elected.  He is exploiting the good nature of the Jewish People to get elected so that in the end he can turn to us and say, “Oh, well”.

I firmly believe the Jews should learn the acronym BOHICA if the Obamessiah is elected President:  Bend Over Here It Comes Again!

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