Flying Pig Alert: Muslim Blogger Disgusted By Palestinian Celebrations

flying pig

I know he’s not Kosher but this doesn’t happen often: Muhammad the Pig is out of the hanger and he’s in flight………

A actual moderate Muslim has been located and is speaking out against the Islamic Violence and the subsequent celebrations in Gaza over the brutal murder of 8 Jewish kids who were killed by a lone Palestinian gunman in a Yeshiva.

From LGF:

STAMP THIS specious variety of “Islam” which celebrates the slaughter of children Return to Sender. We have no need for it here in the United States and they can stop trying to feed it to us.

What do CAIR and MAS have to say about this butchery? Are they going to offer their usual convoluted justification for this depravity?

I can not understand how this can happen, and they try to say that THIS IS ISLAM?? They say that this filth our religion???

Someone hide this guy quick before CAIR gets a hold of him!

From A Singular Voice:

A lone voice in the wilderness. My name is Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, and I live in Washington, DC. I use critical analysis to spark thought and conversation about the intellectual revival of Blackamerican Muslims to move us toward effective solutions . I am not a kool-aid drinking “movement” Muslim. “Kool-Aid” drinkers will probably not enjoy my writings, but I hope to snap you out of it. In other words, I follow the Qur’an and Sunnah, but I also believe that one can love history, poetry, have a distinct personality, and be an intellectual.

Where are the rest of these “Moderate Muslims” that everyone says is out there?  I commend this man’s bravery for speaking out against this horrific crime that was committed.  I would like to see more Muslims like him speak out against the culture of violence that has hijacked his religion.

4 responses to “Flying Pig Alert: Muslim Blogger Disgusted By Palestinian Celebrations

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