Wannabe President Barack Hussein Obama’s Cabinet

I had a bad nightmare last night. Barack Hussein Obama was elected President and was introducing his Cabinet.

Here is my image of what wannabe President B. Hussein Obama’s “Dream Team” Cabinet would look like:

Department of
Veterans Affairs

Secretary Jane Fonda

Department of
Homeland Security

Secretary Osama bin Laden

Department of the Treasury
Secretary George Soros

Department of Health &
Human Services

Secretary Britney Spears

Department of Energy
Secretary Oprah Winfrey

Department of Transportation
Secretary Xibitz

Department of State
Secretary Rev. Al Sharpton

Department of Defense
Secretary Cindy Sheehan

Department of Justice
Attorney General Mumia Abu Jamal

Department of Agriculture
Secretary James Hoffa

Department of the Interior
Secretary Rev. Jesse Jackson

Department of Labor
Secretary Michael Moore

Department of Housing &
Urban Development

Secretary Louis Farrakhan

White House
Chief of Staff

Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jr

Office of National
Drug Control Policy

Snoop Doggy Dog

Environmental Protection Agency
Al Gore

Office of Management
and Budget

Kwame Kilpatrick

Needless to say I woke up in a cold sweat, unable to get back to sleep.

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