Voters Will Judge Race Not Issues

I know, I know….That’s not what he said, but we all know the truth.

From Yahoo News:

CHICAGO – Democrat Barack Obama expressed frustration Wednesday that racial issues keep rising to the top of his presidential battle with Hillary Rodham Clinton, but he said the great majority of voters will base their decisions on substantive issues.

At a news conference, Obama said he feels his primary victories in an array of states have proven he can draw support from all races and regions, and that he is not overly reliant on black voters.

“We keep on thinking we’ve dispelled this,” he said. “And it keeps on getting raised once again.”

He said critics suggest “maybe he hasn’t proven that he can win white, blue-collar workers.”

“And we won that in Virginia, and we won it in Wisconsin,” he said.

In the first place, for the voters to judge this yutz on substantive issues, he would first have to be a man of substance and not the empty suit that he is.

The Black Jimmy Carter (Obama) SAYS he wants voters to judge him on the issues but at every possible chance, he pulls the race card out with the finesse of another Race Huckster, Jesse Jackson.

My vote is not based on his Race, my vote is based on the fact that he is ill equipped, incompetent, inexperienced, and a Socialist.  I wouldn’t vote for Obama if he was white.  I won’t vote for Hillary if she manages to steal the nomination away from Obama as I expect may very well happen.  I have already been accused of racism because I will not vote for Obama.

Obama is a fraud, a bigot, a anti-semite, and that is why I will not vote for him.   If he wins, he will do to America what Kwame Kilpatrick has already done to Detroit.  Bank on that!

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