Muslim Nations Look To Squash Free Speech Throughout The World


The Religion of Intolerance and it’s followers of the Cartoon like prophet Muhammad just don’t want to oppress the people of their own nations, now they are looking to oppress and dominate people of free nations like America and decide for us what we can and cannot say about them and their religion.

From Yahoo News:

DAKAR, Senegal – The Muslim world has created a battle plan to defend its religion from political cartoonists and bigots.

Concerned about what they see as a rise in the defamation of Islam, leaders of the world’s Muslim nations are considering taking legal action against those that slight their religion or its sacred symbols. It was a key issue during a two-day summit that ended Friday in this western Africa capital.

The Muslim leaders are attempting to demand redress from nations like Denmark, which allowed the publication of cartoons portraying the Prophet Muhammad in 2006 and again last month, to the fury of the Muslim world.

Though the legal measures being considered have not been spelled out, the idea pits many Muslims against principles of freedom of speech enshrined in the constitutions of numerous Western governments.

“I don’t think freedom of expression should mean freedom from blasphemy,” said Senegal‘s President Abdoulaye Wade, the chairman of the 57-member Organization of the Islamic Conference. “There can be no freedom without limits.”

I simply refuse to submit to these religious nut jobs.  They continually insult Israel, Jews, and Christians but DEMAND that we respect them. I’ve got two words for them………….

Fuck You!

7 responses to “Muslim Nations Look To Squash Free Speech Throughout The World

  1. Jews are the absolute reason this country is going down into the toilet. They put forth garbage left and right like this and expect you to swallow it, because they are Jews, of course.

    The most arrogant and hypocritical race on the planet — bar none. Good thing Americans are waking up to it.

    Soon, scrawney Jews like you will be going into the drink. I like your Avatar — as if you’re such the tough guy. I betcha you look far different in reality. Probably a pimply faced, big-hipped weakling.

    Read here to see what America is now coming to the conclusions about you people:

  2. It’s the Jews who look to squash Free Speech. Look at Canada and all your “hate speech” BS, for Christ’s Sake.
    You don’t fool us with your Muslim lies and propaganda.

  3. What? Another Jewess Zionist big mouth? You Jews are the slime that oozed forth upon the world, settling into pools within the white nations. You can’t stand the idea that America is rapidly becoming sick of your BS and will soon be putting the kabosh on your Jew gamebits.

  4. What experiences did you have, or what were you told that made you so poisonous?

    Uhh, everytime Jews open their big fat mouths, maybe?

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