9 responses to “Barack Obama’s Mentor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright: Anti Israel Sermon

  1. Yeah, but this duck’s disciple is going to be our next President, because he knows how to tread water real well, unfortunately.

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  3. Israel is not evil

    Rev Wright is a puppet of black muslim terrorists. As a racist, he is open to any kind of lie that backs up his racism, and he is easily “used” by black muslims.

  4. Theres nothing new under the sun, there will always be people finding some excuse or reason to hate and murder Jews. Yesterday it was because we killed their god, today its for having the audacity to defend ourselves or because jews are NAZI’s.

    I was attacked 3 years ago and called a NAZI by three african gentlemen I guess they noticed my kippa and felt morally obligated.

    The Durban conference was not about fighting racism it was about creating racism

  5. The Jewish people are Gods chosen people. And their are not to be harmed or hurt by anyone. Because God is there backing them up. All of those who sin against and hurt jewish people will pay.

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