One Wright Makes Obama Wrong For America

Rev. Jeremiah Wright On Jews: “I don’t like Jews, don’t care much for white people, and I definitely will not sing “God Bless America”

In the case of Presidential Wannabe Barack Hussein Obama and his Pastor, one “Wright” really does make a wrong, and in this case it makes Obama WRONG for America.

Personally, I think Obama is becoming as skilled a liar as Bill or Hillary Clinton. He cannot tell me that during his long 2o some year asscoiation with Rev. Wright that he never once heard any of the anti-American or anti-semetic rhetoric that spewed forth from Rev. Jeremiah Wright on a regular basis.

Obama is clearly connected to a church that is as racist as any church that is connected to the KKK, NAZI’s or Skinheads. The only difference is that in today’s world of Political Correctness, racism by blacks against whites and Jews is considered to be oky doky and acceptable by today’s standards. The “Change” that Obama is running on seems to want to bring their own flavor of justice down on the White Man and the Jews, but under the cloak of darkness so to say.

Obama worries me. His racist connections, his willingness to speak to Terrorists makes him very dangerous to the American way of life and he should not be nominated nor elected to the highest post in the land.

Judging by the swift reaction of the Obama campaign to eliminate any trace of Pastor Wright and his Church of Racism from B. Hussein Obama’s website, they are reacting like a room full of cockroaches when a light is turned on….Scattered!

Pastor Wright’s Black Value system is blaming “Whitey” and the Jooos for the fact that every other cultural and racial group in America is successful.

I am sure that pretty soon we will be told that Obama was never a member of this church and that everything presented to-date is just part of the Vast Global Zionist Conspiracy.

So much for President Homeboy!

2 responses to “One Wright Makes Obama Wrong For America

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  2. His approach is just to lie…..and let us try to contradict him…he will be correct to assume that many people will just believe him,, because they are inherently stupid, and are so desperate for him to be president that they are willing to believe anything. That is his voter base.

    A lot of the things Wright says sound very much like the propaganda that Muslims give out to influence them to betray America and support their causes. I am convinced now that anti-American islamists are behind the obama campaign.

    Blacks have had it better here than anywhere else. The generation that make them slaves are dead now, yet they act like they are still slaves and complain. Most people in america are very sympathetic and try to help. There are many programs that help them financially, spiritually, medically, etc. yet they are demonized. If they hate america, and consider themselves citizens of africa and not america, then let them go back to africa.

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