Happy Birthday To The Cartoon Like Prophet Mohammad!


It has come to my attention that today is the Birthday of the man who founded the Religion of Inolerance and Perpetual Outrage, Mohammad/Muhammad!

In honor of the man who brought so much to the world such as Suicide Bombs, Beheadings, Honor Killings, Genital Mutilation,Outrage, Intolerance, Global Terrorism, Murder, Mayhem, Rape, Airline Hijackings, and the continuation of Genocidal Behavior against anyone who disagrees with them, I would just like to say, from all of us here at Rogue Jew Publishing and all of the members of the Vast Global Zionist Conspiracy, we would like to wish you a………………………

Happy Birthday Mohammad

You do the math!

Thanks once again for all of the fond memories we have of you and what you have brought to this world!

13 responses to “Happy Birthday To The Cartoon Like Prophet Mohammad!

  1. Incogman, obviously this blog is over-the-top, though yours is light years more over-the-top. But honestly, how can you be so filled with hatred towards a religion that has been constantly beaten down in society, and then has always fought back through education and the arts, to become civil leaders and nobel prize winners. Its not zionist conspiracy, its actually just a determined, smart and talented group of people….and that makes you SO mad.

    How you can you deny the awfulness and oppression that Islam has brought to this world. Yes, there is all sorts of violence in the old testament, and there are some crazy fundamentalist Jews, but its the Muslims who are a threat to free thought, critical thinking and well, free civilization.

    If there is this vast zionist conspiracy, how come you are still allowed to blog. Try living in ANY theocratic middle eastern country and writing your blog against Islam instead of Jews. Your head would be lopped off so fast you couldn’t even set up your blogroll.

    Please Incogman, stop spewing hatred to a people who have been massacred simply for their beliefs throughout history, and have always fought back by becoming upstanding, progressive members of society. A concept, which is so admirable, people like you can’t even believe it, and assume there is a conspiracy.

    I can’t believe I even wasted this much time posting a civilized response to you. BUT, I guess I’m actually afraid that you are so filled with delusional hatred that you would actually murder Jews, or Jewish children. If not, than your writings might encourage this, and obviously you can’t laugh at yourself, and you take yourself so seriously that jokes don’t make a point with you.

    BTW Jack Nicholson’s father was Jewish. So, nice icon.

  2. You can spew all your intellectualizing all day, but that’s one nasty photo and I don’t care how you lamely attempt to justify it.

    Hell, just your willingness to upload it for the world to see, only shows how nasty Jews are on the inside and obviously on the outside by the looks of it.

    And your allusion to the “always victimized Jews” (boohoo) is getting very tiresome to America. Especially how you always fall back on that line of complete BS when you can’t win any other way.

    And the Jew has been bodily expelled from 79 countries in the past, along with everybody going hay-wire on them. And for why? I no longer wonder why!

  3. in-cock-“man?”,
    Arabs living in Israel are at least allowed to live free and practice their religion of intolerance, allowed to vote, and enjoy all the freedoms that Jews do including own land. Jews in Arab lands however are discrimitated against, cannot practice our religion, cannot own land, etc…
    You are a small minded little man who probably has little in life, and you blame your failures on the Jews.
    First of all, Jews Rule! Learn it,live it, know it! You on the other hand, should keep answering those ads for viagra and to make your penis bigger….My wallet thanks you! just kidding, that was funny.

  4. You’re a nasty little pig Zionist and who will one day regret your arrogant behavior. Plus, for some wacked-out Jew way, you think you’re funny or all-powerful. You’re not, toad.

  5. INCOG MAN here.

    My face is quite clean and Aryan looking, I ASSure you. You can go on and imagine me as some hideous visage of White in-breeding should that help you in your sex life. I don’t mind. Marianne, the next time you engage in carnal behavior, please feel free to summon up INCOG MAN to think about. I am a most helpful person, when you “get down” to it.

    Oh yeah, rogue Jew: I replied to your Easter taunts on my blog. Please feel free to stop by anytime. I’m sure your presence amply illustrates just what I talk about. Thanks again, anti-White minions of hell!

  6. Yeah, we’ll that explains a lot. I think I’d go that route too, if all the men in my race looked like roguejew, here. I don’t like to think about it because I’ll get sick on my keyboard. Nasty!

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