Religion of Peace & Intolerance Says “Kill The Jews & Americans!”

A new message from the al Qaeda #2 Muslim Terrorist in Charge in which Islam has declared open war against Americans and Jews in retaliation for Israel defending itself against Rocket attacks from the Arab occupied land of the Gaza Strip.

Entire Translation Here:

“attack the interests of the Jews and the American… Select your targets, collect the appropriate funds, assemble your equipment, plan [your attacks] accurately, and then charge towards your targets… There is no place today for those who claim that the battlefield with the Jews is limited to Palestine… Let us hit their interests everywhere.”

But we’ll keep repeating to ourselves that Islam is a religion of peace, they only come here to open stores and gas stations…………………………..BOOM!

4 responses to “Religion of Peace & Intolerance Says “Kill The Jews & Americans!”

  1. Isn’t that just the way things are over there? Will we be forced to be sad for people who seem to really like fighting each other? I know that I don’t fully understand this issue, but the fighting appears to be the only constant. I wish someone could explain this issue from the perspective of the Jews and go into detail. Detail is always mysteriously lacking in most cultural struggles.

    People blowing themselves up, people running over babies with tanks, what can be done?

  2. Folks, it’s not the religion. It’s the people and yes, sad to say, we will always have fanatics in just about EVERY religion. There are historical reasons behind every verse written in the Quran. Islam is a religion of peace. Again it’s the people not the religion.

  3. It’s not the religion, folks! It’s the people. It’s very unfortunate that these people use the name of Islam to further their causes. It’s unfortunate that any such people use the name of any religion to further their own cause of greed for power. Islam is the religion of peace. Before you judge or comment on any religion, it’s best to learn the religion itself. I would never judge all of Christianity for the few extremists.

    Currently, the extremists in Islam are on center stage and it seems that most or all Muslims are all of the same type of the performers we see on this center stage…but…REALITY is that it is not even 5% of the entire Muslims. They gained their power by playing a double game. They played the Muslims. If you notice, most of these extremists are in the poorest parts of the Muslim countries. Why do you think that is? They’ve gone into these needy and helpless neighborhoods. They helped them rebuild their communities, gave free housing to the poorest, healthcare to the sick, provide education of their liking to the young, security, food, and etc., and once they turned these poor people into their dependants, the same dependants became their gaurdians because these extremists improved their lives in so many ways when the rest of the world didn’t even know their existance. It is a very sad situation and that is why the extremists have been so successful. Fortunately, Muslims across the world are noticing this trend more and more so every day. Especially when they see these extremists destroy the same neighborhoods which they rebuilt. What we need to put on center stage is their methods of gaining power and brainwashing people not blame the religion. These people in the poor villages, towns, and torn down cities don’t care about anything more than living their natural daily lives. Their concerns are bread and butter not killing the Jews or Christians. If they can’t feed their own children due to poverty, where would they have the resources to fight the Jews or Christians? Their worries are do I have anything to feed my children with today. Sometimes, they don’t even have the ability to plan their meal for tomorrow.

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