The Truth About Obama’s Daddy

Obama’s Momma’s Baby’s Daddy is not quite the honorable saint that Obama made him out to be in his book “Dreams Of My Father”.  Rather it turns out he was a womanizing drunk who was killed in a drunk driving accident.  Sounds a little like a close and personal friend of Barack Hussein Obama’s………Sen Ted Kennedy, another womanizing drunk Marxist.

From WND:

In his autobiographical book “Dreams from My Father,” Barack Obama paints a heroic picture of his father as having emerged from a poor Kenyan village, where he was nothing more than a simple goat herder, to become a Harvard-educated economist, destined to return to Africa to fulfill his promise.

Unfortunately, the reality is much bleaker than the tale Obama tells in his book.

In truth, Barack Obama senior, Obama’s father, was a polygamist who had already abandoned one wife and child in Africa when he met Obama’s mother in Hawaii.

After being educated at Harvard, Obama senior returned to Africa, abandoning Obama and his mother, to live the life of a chronic alcoholic who ultimately killed himself in his second drink-induced car accident, while driving drunk on the streets of Nairobi.

After reading the full article at WND, you will not know whether they are talking about Barack Hussein Obama’s father or Flava Flav!  I’m wonder if there is truth to the saying, “The fruit (of Islam) doesn’t fall very far from the tree”.

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