Video: Fitna, The Movie

Let the seething begin!  The movie promised to us by Dutch politician, Geert Wilders is finally been released to the internet for all to watch.

Warning, many graphic images of Muslim Violence!

I’m not able to post Live Leak videos to Word Press for some unknown reason so I am posting a link to the Google Video site which has it in Wide Screen.

CLICK HERE to see the movie!

Rage Boy?  Has anyone seen Muslim Rage Boy?

Rage Boy

4 responses to “Video: Fitna, The Movie

  1. I guess that the Globalist Zionist who thought they could corrupt the Muslims with MTV and Western Culture, once transported into the Western world, has really screwed the pooch for you sad-sack regular Jews, eh?

    What I can’t wait for, is seeing Muslims like this, Whites, Hispanics and Negroes all mobbed-up outside each of your Jew homes (especially the fatso Jew here), all trying to get a piece of your fat hides.

    I’ll be working them into a tither with my rabble-rousing like you can now read on my Blog site, should you dare. You reap what you sow, Jews.

  2. Dear all,

    It is very shockingly amazing to hear and read about the contents of a movie by a Dutch parlimentarian, supposed to be a man with a great sense of responsibility which he is not.

    I really feel very sorry for the voters who voted for such an idiot who rather than bridging the gap among the different cultures and religions is spreading hatred in the world by twisting the facts.

    The fact should not be forgotten that Mr. Wilders is using rather misusing his position and the EU shoulder to fulfill his ill willed agendas to bring enemity between Muslims and Christians. What does he really want???

    I would like to conclude on the yesterday’s report by Vatican that Islam has outnumbered the others and have become the most observed religion of the world, may i ask why???

    Do both things have any connection??

    love and peace for all

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