Message To A Blogger Named INCOGMAN

This Blog Troll who has left his slime all over my blog would like me to fold shop and die. I on the other hand cannot and will not do so. But I have a message for the little schmuck….

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INCOGMAN, Kiss my fucking ass

Kiss my hillbilly hebrew ass bitch!

Shabbat Shalom Asshole!

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1. Jews are the parasites of the planet. Like leeches or vampire bats, you suck on the blood of nations until the people sicken of it and go haywire on your nasty asses. Soon that will happen here, and Jews like you will cry to blues about being victims again You’ll one day soon think twice about your arrogant comments to me.

2. I guess that the Globalist Zionist who thought they could corrupt the Muslims with MTV and Western Culture, once transported into the Western world, has really screwed the pooch for you sad-sack regular Jews, eh?

What I can’t wait for, is seeing Muslims like this, Whites, Hispanics and Negroes all mobbed-up outside each of your Jew homes (especially the fatso Jew here), all trying to get a piece of your fat hides.

I’ll be working them into a tither with my rabble-rousing like you can now read on my Blog site, should you dare. You reap what you sow, Jews.

3. INCOG MAN here.My face is quite clean and Aryan looking, I ASSure you. You can go on and imagine me as some hideous visage of White in-breeding should that help you in your sex life. I don’t mind. Marianne, the next time you engage in carnal behavior, please feel free to summon up INCOG MAN to think about. I am a most helpful person, when you “get down” to it.

Oh yeah, rogue Jew: I replied to your Easter taunts on my blog. Please feel free to stop by anytime. I’m sure your presence amply illustrates just what I talk about. Thanks again, anti-White minions of hell!

4. You’re a nasty little pig Zionist and who will one day regret your arrogant behavior. Plus, for some wacked-out Jew way, you think you’re funny or all-powerful. You’re not, toad.

5. Hey my rotund Jewish Antagonist! Read all about the real story behind Rev. Wright and Obama. The news is spreading fast and your fat rear will soon be frog-marched down to Brighton Beach and the sea!

6. What’s wrong, pig-like Zionist? Does Obamy’s preacher scare you about his 9/11 and Israel talk? Hell, if I didn’t know any better, I would’ve figured you would love that half-breed since he’s bowed down to Jewry, already. Oh, don’t have enough on him like Hillary, huh?
You may as well forget all that stuff, anyways. Once the great depression hits, whites will be up in arms and will come looking for you.
Can’t wait.

One last thing Incogman………………….

Fuck You!

18 responses to “Message To A Blogger Named INCOGMAN


    Whatever, Pig-like Jew. Here’s a Jew who shows his hemmoroids for the world to see on his own silly blog and then acts all bent out shape when someone comes along and tells him he’s a genital wart on the world.

    All of you should come to my blog and read Fatso Jew’s lame comments and my replies to his blubbering, fantasy-filled ire.

    See, I wouldn’t waste bandwidth on an article on his worthless hide. So, I guess I should feel honored! Hey, nice compilation there Fat boy. I think I’ll copy the whole thing for my arcs!

    Click on my name and be transported to what the rest of America is now figuring out about the Jew Experience! And it won’t be like what you see on PBS, fools.

    Oh yeah, your cutesy Photoshop cartoon work is pretty unimaginative and very pointless. Nice try, however.


  2. Yeah, one more thing Fat Jew boy: If you are such the fighter, then why are you here in America and not in the Mideast in the service or, better yet, living IsraHELL and shooting Palestinian kids with the IDF? Why has it only been 17 lousy, stinking JEWS died in Iraq AND Afghanistan? Why is it that only 1% of American servicemen are Jews?

    Sounds to me like a bunch of manipulative, cowardly people you call yourselves. You had better lose a lot of wieght before you can expect to do JACK against my bros and I.

    Oh yeah, thanks for that big write-up on your blog about me. I didn’t know that you had fallen so in love with me. I’ve got some sad news for you, fat sodomite — I’m straight. So solly.

  3. I think this is all kind of sad. I don’t think that conservatives or right wingers should fight one another this harshly. I’ve watched this fight for a while and I can’t help but wonder why it has to be this way. I agree with most of what Incog Man writes in his blog, but I also agree with a lot of what I’ve seen posted on this blog. We should be united against the left-wing destroyers of all that’s good and right and moral in this world. Right wingers should not be at each other’s throats!

    Jews should go to Israel, but not because they’re bad people (although I admit most of them are left-wing liberals that must be fought, but because they’re liberals, not because they’re Jewish). They should go to Israel because that’s their nation, their homeland, and they will inevitably be subject to pogroms in other people’s nations.

    Sometimes I worry about the friends I’ve known who were truly conservative and had nothing against whites getting caught up in a pogrom because people have finally had enough of the left wing Jews.

    The Talmud and Tanakh teach them not to screw each other over, so wouldn’t it be better if they lived among their own? That’s the healthiest way for any people to live, Jewish or not. Nobody will care for you as much as your own kind will. Whites should live among whites, blacks among blacks, Asians among Asians, and Jews among Jews.

    They should take it over completely and drive the little palestinkians out into all the other (it must be over 50) Muslim dominated nations. The Muslims don’t need another nation. They have plenty, and they want the Jew’s nation and they want European nations for themselves as well.

    Muslims are destroying our white homeland, the source of our white essence, corrupting Europe. Muslims are the worst thing in the world, not Jews. When’s the last time you ever saw a Jew strap a suicide belt to themselves and scream about the virginal dark eyed women and little boys they’ll have in the afterlife? That’s a Muslim perversion, not a Jewish one.

    Yes, Jews are involved in a lot of bad, horrible stuff in America and Europe and elsewhere. So are a lot of traitorous, evil white Gentiles. If these left-wing Jews were really Zionists as they claim to be though, why would they keep pressuring Israel to give more and more land to the palestinkians? They’re traitors to their own people just as the left wing white scummy Gentiles are traitors to the white race.

  4. God, Kimbafan100, what don’t you get yet?

    Here’s a bunch that has legal white slavery in Tel Aviv, that prostitutes out white Goyim women from the Ukraine, seeks to ram homos down America’s throats (no pun intended) and are predominate in the Porno industry. Hell, just look at this sicko’s blog.

    Look at the way they treat those Palestinians and the way the promote illegal immigration into the white countries of the world. Look at how they seek a one-world government and are part and parcel to Neocon’s war-mongering.

    You need to call a spade a spade or get off the pot! These Jews have been and are the common denominator since time immemorial. They get their asses kicked out of every country they’ve ever lived in for CHRIST’s SAKE!

  5. I haven’t heard of the legal white slavery. I’d like to learn more about it. Have you made a post about that before, or do you know where I can go to read about it? I trust you that you’re being straight with me on this because you always have been before. I’m willing to learn more things, always.

    One thing you might keep in mind is that I’ve only been exposed to white nationalism since last Spring. I probably don’t know as much as you do.

    I still feel a lot of resistance to accepting your view of them as an entire group of sleazy people rather than my current one of having bad elements among them.

    Let’s put it this way. Most Jews are often exactly as you describe them. I don’t think this pleases anyone and it could very well lead to yet another pogrom.

    I’ve even talked to Jews who admit that it’s a big problem that many Jews have a sort of “supremacist” attitude. The ones who told me that said they didn’t agree with it, though.

    Even if it were say, 2 million that were killed in the Holocaust, do you really want something like that to happen again? Are you so angry with them that you’d want something horrible like Mengele’s human experiments to happen again?

    You said that you’re not a Nazi, and I believe you, but I’m confused. What would be your solution to the Jewish question? Why can we not work with those among them who want the same things we do (like separate nations)?

  6. Yes you figured me out oh mighty zionist jew….Yes it’s true, I am gay and all of my friends at Stormfront are gay also. Our gatherings are nothing more then one big huge game of Boy on Boy Butt Bingo. My lust for young boys overcomes me and I am ashamed yet still cannot resist their smell or touch. Forgive me Rogue Jew….I bow to you and to Israel!

  7. Thanks for the info, I’ll read it and probably talk with you about it some more if we get the chance. 🙂

    I know that communism was ultimately worse as far as the numbers of people killed, and I know who/what Marx was. I also know about the Bolshevik revolution, etc. Don’t think that I’ve forgotten everything I’ve learned over the past year.

    As someone with German ancestry, it also bothers me deeply what happened at Dresden, though as far as I can tell, my extended family actually lives on the other side of Germany.

    I’d hate to see anything like that happen again to any people though, especially when innocent, moral, non-supremacist, Bible-believing (at least partly) right wing people could get caught up with the losers.

    Chaim ben Pesach calls the left wing Jews self-hating. I think he’s right on that, because they’re certainly not helping their own people much and certainly are not following any moral values.

    I don’t agree with everything he says either. Some of it I definitely disagree with, but he’s always talking about how he wants the West to stop massive third world immigration, and how he wants to prevent the West from becoming a “third world banana republic”. I think those are things we could agree with him on.

    Israel will not let him make aliyah because of some things he did against Soviet communists to get them to free Soviet Jews and let them go to Israel. He’s stuck in the USA even though he says that no Jews belong outside of Israel. He encourages all the other Jews to learn Hebrew and make aliyah. He wants to totally remake the entire Israeli government so that things like pornography, etc. are not allowed inside the borders. He also wants righteous Gentiles (which he said in some of his broadcasts do include non-anti-Semitic Christians and not just Noahides) to run all the other nations.

  8. Oh, so now you’ve taken to MY COMMENTS and are now editing them text-wise!

    People! Go back 2 comments and look at the childish thing this disgusting Jew did. He went into “edit mode” in wordpress and replaced a comment of mine with some nasty Jew fantasies:

    Yes you figured me out oh mighty zionist jew….Yes it’s true, I am gay and all of my friends at Stormfront are gay also. Our gatherings are nothing more then one big huge game of Boy on Boy Butt Bingo. My lust for young boys overcomes me and I am ashamed yet still cannot resist their smell or touch. Forgive me Rogue Jew….I bow to you and to Israel!

    Contact Kimbafan100 at youtube and ask her since she’s obviously replying back to me. My comment had a link to White Slavery in Tel Aviv. I guess our devious fat friend decided that would also get rid of a sicking embarassment to Zionism — so he used that one!

    Here’s the connection again:

  9. I’m not homosexual. Homosexuality is a sick perversion.

    I don’t agree with anti-Semitism but I think everyone should be given a fair shake no matter who they are.

    As I said before I think it’s wrong for conservatives to fight one another so viciously.

    Yes, I have posted on Stormfront, because they were the only ones I could go to for advice last year. I’ve actually cut down a lot on reading and posting there although I do once in a while.

    I don’t like some of the “Net Nazis” over there, but they shouldn’t reflect on me because I’m speaking my own opinions, not theirs.

    Again I think it’s sad that right wing people would be at each other’s throats rather than finding whatever common ground is there.

    If someone wants to ask me a question my email is

    I may set up a Youtube account if I decide to re-register with SF (remember I’m not technically a member anymore, as John Law disabled me). I hope that he’ll let me re-register, but there’s no guarantees on that. I suppose I’d understand as I don’t go along with the whole Nazi stuff a lot of them are into.

    Still, I am a proud white person and so I feel that I do have a place within white nationalism even if it’s the non-Jew-hating variety.

  10. Thanks for giving the link again Incog Man. I think I’ve read about that before. I had heard about this happening but I didn’t know that the government there turned a blind eye to it. It was the “legal” part that I hadn’t heard of.

    It’s scary how much money the bad guys over there can get from just destroying a few women’s lives. I’ve heard of this happening in Arab countries and all kinds of other countries too though.

  11. Incogman, why dont you shut your FAT GOY DISGUSTING TREACHEROUS TRAP?! You are the BIGGEST piece of SHIT that has EVER walked this EARTH. Now, because of your ANTI-American ways, siding with the ENEMIES of our troops, YOU WILL BE ALL OVER as the biggest LOSER in the PLANET.

  12. Hey brother..
    I posted this on the incogFAGGOTS blog, and the poor storm-trooping S.A. queer HATES this one LOL, he deleted it… Hes a JERK OFF.

  13. I just got done choking down Incogman’s tiny little pecker and decided I would just pop in. I’m such a naughty little assmaggot of white supremacist…I thought you all should know..Like Hitler, we are all a bunch of closet fags who love nothing more then to dance around a burning cross while getting ass banged by our buddies.

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  15. Incogman’s WordPress site was shut down after calling for the murder of a Jewish man yesterday: “Its about time to blow up a Jewboi head and start moving to the second phase.”

    The site was reported to WordPress for violating its terms of service and to the FBI for encouraging hate crime.

    Unfortunately, Incogman is still on other websites,

  16. Wow…another anti-INCOGMAN thread…this guy is a total nut case waiting to blow. Why isn’t anyone doing about his new site? This guy’s a white supermacist terrorist wannabe for sure.

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