Christians & Jews -vs- Islam & Muslims

Christians & Jews: ….If you enemy strikes you on the cheek, offer him your other..
Islam: cut your enemy from cheek to cheek.

Christians & Jews: Thou shalt not steal, murder or lie.
Islam: ditto unless it is against an Infidel (non Islamist)

Christianity: Husbands, love your wives as Christ has loved you.
Islam: Kill your wives if they burn the stew.

Christianity: Pray for those who persecute you.
Islam: Persecute those who pray to anyone but Allah.

Christians & Jews: Honor you father and mother.
Islam : Ditto, unless they become Christians then you must kill them.

Christianity: Love thy neighbor even if he/she is Gay, Islamic, Jew, or martian.
Islam: Kill the infadels.

Christianity: Let your light so shine before men that that they will see your love and give glory to God.
Islam: Let your sword so shine before men that they will see the glint of the blade as you cut off there heads.

Islam: We will die for Allah while killing our enemies.
Christianity: While you were yet sinners, Our God died for us.

Any questions?

2 responses to “Christians & Jews -vs- Islam & Muslims

  1. Christianity is supposed to be an offshoot of Judaism, so they are supposed to match on concepts like this. However, they are on different pages when it comes to who the Messiah is. Hopefully, when he shows up, that difference will be over and they will be in agreement on that too.

    Islam came from somewhere in the desert, from one man, and what he thought.

  2. Anyone seeking the truth should read about the life of Prophet Muhammad. ALL of the above text has nothing to do with Islam but everything to do with ignorence.

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