Political Expert 50 Cent Not Sure!

Rapper and now a Political Strategist 50 cent, Fiddy to his friends is not sure whether he supports B. Hussein Obama or Hillary Clinton.  The world is waiting with baited breath for the electoral words of wisdom that may come rhythmically from his mouth.

From MTV:

Just weeks ago, America knew where 50 Cent stood in this year’s presidential race: solidly in Camp Hillary.

“I just think she’d do a good job,” the MC said in a widely circulated Fox News video. “There’s nothing bad about Obama in my eyes either, but I just think Hillary would be my choice.

“I’m not sure America is ready to have a black president,” he continued. “I think they might kill him.”

However, after hearing Obama’s stunning speech on race in America earlier this month, the rapper pulled what is now commonly known in political circles as a “Bill Richardson.” In other words, he changed his mind after the speech and switched to Obama’s side.

Unfortunately, this is not an April fools joke.  They’re some people who are waiting on the edges of their seats for political wisdom from schmucks like him.

I know, when I think Politics and the 2008 election, I think 50 cent and MTV! (Sarc) This must be their “Choose a Loser”, er I mean “Choose or Lose” campaign.

A bullet riddled criminal supporting a fellow crook is what I’m thinking.   I’m hanging on every word this guy says, cause ya all know, he’s keeping real!

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