Barack O’BombUs: B. Hussein Obama On Missile Defense

Can this guy be any bigger of a schmuck?  In light of Putin reincarnating the Old Soviet Union and Islamic Terrorism that Putin is only happy to see as a distraction to the US, Obomba, er I mean Obama has taken the low road where the American Military is concerned and will more then likely gut military spending and try to eliminate the missile defense shield supplied by the U.S. in Europe.

From Hot Air:

Missile defense turns out to be a lot less controversial in Europe than here in the US. NATO will endorse the missile-defense system that Democrats, including Barack Obama, have denigrated since its first proposal in the Reagan administration. Its adoption by NATO bolsters George Bush’s position in Europe against Vladimir Putin, who has tried to split the Western coalition by extortion and negotiation.

He called missile defense systems “unproven” and promised to cut them along with a litany of other military reductions he offered in a speech two months ago.

The “Change” Obama has in store for Americans is a less secure nation with little “Hope” of survival as our enemies set their sights on us.

He is essentially  telling us to give our money to poor turd world countries run by despots and dictators and that we as a nation should not defend ourselves against the threat of attack.  He will make America weaker then Jimmy Carter did during his failed presidency from 76-80, we will be a joke to those who threaten our security.

I’m With Stoopid

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