Stabenow Hubby Busted Stabbin-hoes!

I know it’s over a week old, but with work around the house, I haven’t had much time available for blogging and I can never resist taking a stab at Michigan Senator Stabenow, so to say.

From the Detroit Free Press:

WASHINGTON — Speaking for the first time about her husband’s acknowledgment that he paid for sex with an alleged prostitute, U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow told the Free Press this afternoon she’s going through a “very difficult and personal” time and will continue to work through it with her family.

The senator from Lansing did not want to talk about whether she and her husband are still together or how she learned of his being stopped by Troy police in February. According to a police report obtained this morning by the Free Press, Tom Athans — a liberal radio talk-show executive — told Troy detectives he paid a prostitute he contacted via the Internet $150 for sex at a Residence Inn in the metro Detroit suburb.

He was not charged with solicitation after being stopped as part of a police sting — only cited for driving with a suspended license. He was stopped on I-75 driving a car registered to him and Stabenow, whom he married in 2003.

Maybe if she kept her worthless ass out of Washington, her husband wouldn’t be sleazin round like he was the Mayor of Detroit hookin up with Kwame Kilpatrick’s rejects.

Nothin like rubbin salt in a hatchet wound!

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