Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (The Super Trailer)

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed is a controversial satirical documentary film which claims that educators and scientists are being persecuted for their belief that there is evidence of design in nature. Hosted by Ben Stein, it claims that what the film calls “Big Science” allows no dissent from the scientific theory of evolution, and blames evolution for a range of modern movements from Nazism to Planned Parenthood.Opens in theatres April 18, 2008.

3 responses to “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed (The Super Trailer)

  1. Such a shame the movie has been discredited already. The cases it used as supposed discrimination have been shown to be false for example. Then throw in the lying to interviewees, paying people to actually see it, swiping videos without permission from other sources, having only closed press conferences and constantly trying to avoid any independent reviews/criticism…

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