Obama Wants Voters To Remember Clinton’s Past, But He Expects Free Pass?

The new Messiah of the Demoncratic party is reminding voters to remember Hillary Clinton’s Past.

From My Way News:

Barack Obama wants to make sure that voters do, even if it was 16 years ago that Hillary Rodham Clinton created an uproar when she sniffed that she could have given up her career and “stayed home, baked cookies and had teas.”

While Clinton brought up the problems Obama could face in a general election if he’s nominated, Obama used a two-hour debate Wednesday night to remind Americans what they don’t like about his opponent and her husband, Bill, the former president. Both candidates argued they were tough enough to withstand whatever Republicans try to use against them.

Obama raised President Clinton’s controversial pardons on his last day in office. And he wanted Americans to know that Hillary Clinton repeatedly called him names in the past few days.

But what about the controversial past of Obama?  His association with a anti-semite racist Pastor Jeremiah Wright who hates America is to be ignored?  What about his religious past as a Muslim, we are simply to erase that from our minds?  Barack Hussein Obama, while I remember the past misdeeds of Hillary Clinton very well, you sir are no saint and are not above reproach.  Obama, I believe is the only person in America besides Jimmy Carter that actually makes Hillary Clinton likeable in my eyes, though I would never vote for her in November, given a choice between her and the elitist, self important prick Barack Hussein Obama, I would probably have to choose, Team Clinton.

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