The Original Reverend of Hate Leading a “Kill the Police” Rally

Have you ever picked up a rock and found something slimy slithering and crawling underneath it?…..

Race Baiter and self declared “Reverend” Al Sharpton is on the warpath again and is leading a Rally in New York in which the protesters are calling for Police Officers to be killed.

From Michelle Malkin:

Hundreds of angry people marched through Harlem on Saturday after the Rev. Al Sharpton promised to “close this city down” to protest the acquittals of three police detectives in the 50-shot barrage that killed a groom on his wedding day and wounded two friends.

“We strategically know how to stop the city so people stand still and realize that you do not have the right to shoot down unarmed, innocent civilians,” Sharpton told an overflow crowd of several hundred people at his National Action Network office in the historically black Manhattan neighborhood. “This city is going to deal with the blood of Sean Bell.”

Sharpton was joined by the family of 23-year-old Sean Bell — a black man — and a friend of Bell who was wounded in the 2006 shooting outside a Queens strip club. Two of the three officers charged were also black.

The rally at Sharpton’s office was followed by a 20-block march down Malcolm X Boulevard and then across 125th Street, Harlem’s main business thoroughfare, where some bystanders yelled out “Kill the police!”

Have people forgotten what a bullshit artist Al Sharpton is?  He is the kind of scumbag, like Jesse Jackson that loves to exploit situations like this to line his own pocket and satisfy his lust for attention.

Democrats still flock in huge hoardes to kiss this racist’s ring and win over his endorsements.  I know one thing for sure, Al Sharpton can race to Michigan to kiss this Jew’s ass!

2 responses to “The Original Reverend of Hate Leading a “Kill the Police” Rally

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  2. I fully realize you are too cowardly to allow my comments here, but I know you read them. My blog is getting hits left and right from people looking for more info on the peridious Jewdom. Better start looking at Real Estate prices in Tel Aviv, fat boy.

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