Has Barack Hussein Obama’s Campaign “Jumped The Shark”?

First off, for those of you not of the couch potato variety and may not know what jumping the shark means, I have this definition from Wiki…

The term jumping the shark alludes to a specific scene in a 1977 episode of the TV series Happy Days when the popular character Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli literally jumps over a shark while water skiing. The scene was so preposterous that many believed it to be an ill-conceived attempt at reviving the declining ratings of the flagging show. The phrase has become a colloquialism used by U.S. TV critics and fans to denote the point at which the characters or plot of a TV series veer into a ridiculous, out-of-the-ordinary storyline. Such a show is typically deemed to have passed its peak. Once a show has “jumped the shark” fans sense a noticeable decline in quality or feel the show has undergone too many changes to retain its original appeal.

For over 20 yrs, Barack Hussein Obama and his snooty wife have been attending the church of hate lead by Rev. Jeremiah Wright.  Are we to believe that during this 20 yr relationship in which Obama has referred to Wright as a Beacon of truth.

In a march news conference, Obama threw his Grandmother under the bus and stated he could no sooner disown Wright then he could his racist grandmother, now a month later and the same rhetoric spewing forth from Rev Wright as it has for years, Obama is now throwing Wright under the bus in order to salvage his already tainted Political career.

Barack Hussein Obama really is an obnoxious, elitist, snob who thinks mainstream America is foolish enough to fall for his crap.  I am watching anxiously to see him twist in the wind on a hangman’s noose designed not by Karl Rove or my fellow members of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, but by none other then his opponent, fellow Liberal Democrat Hillary Clinton.

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