Thanks For Nothing

This was sent to me in an email…Author unknown

O.K. Now you have sat on your hands and OIL has hit $120 a barrel. We the people have been telling you ALL that we need to drill and refine OUR OWN OIL. We have been nice to you and believed you will use common sense and open the land so we could get foreign oil off the back of America. You are giving our tax money to alternative energy and, DUMMY’S, you are raising the cost of FOOD !!! I can no longer have respect for any one of you.. I must vent my disappointment in ALL elected politicians, YOU ARE DRIVING THIS COUNTRY INTO BANKRUPTCY, Creating hatred and discus of CONGRESS AND THE PRESIDENCY, Have the EPA slowdown on the alternative energy push until we get out from under this oil mess. Fine, I agree we need alternative energy but not at the expense of driving the country into the ground… We don’t  need 50 of 100 different companies trying to develop alternative energy , we need YOU IDIOTS to consolidate research, and find the answer, after all we build a bomb in he 40’s when we put all the energy of research into ONE RESEARCH program.. USE YOUR HEAD OR GET OUT AND LET SOMEONE TAKE YOUR PLACE WHO WILL PUT AMERICA FIRST…Give up your free vehicles, your free perks, your cheep insurance, and your ridicules pay, cut your wages to the poverty level, pay your own health insurance, buy your own gas, and pay taxes, to cities, counties, state, IRS, and sales tax on everything.. OH and by the way, your pension will be deflated by a worthless dollar. THANKS FOR NOTHING.

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