I know….I’ve been neglecting my blogging duties.  Israel’s 60th birthday has come and gone, as has the rememberance of the Shoah (Holocaust) and I have been silent.   Home repairs, landscaping, renovations, work and family have all taken a front seat and my blog has been pushed aside because of these priorities. 

Not sure when I may return to my full time duties here, or if I will.  The presidential campaign for 2008 is leaving me to feel like I just masturbated with a cheese grater.  On one hand we have a young liberal who associates with terrorists, and on the other hand we have an old liberal who associates with Ted Kennedy……Then of course we have Hillary, the Queen of Darkness.

I’m bored at this point and if I do return to blogging, it will to start a new blog for men who want to reclaim their testicles, or something like that..Either way, adios for now.  But I will be return.  The dark side of the force is strong in me……Bwahahahahahahahah

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