Proud Dad!

Just got word from my son in Afghanistan.  He is in the US Army with the 4th Battalion – 320th Field Artillery Regiment out of Ft. Campbell, Ky.  His turns out that just over a week ago, his Cannon Team was responsible for the elimination of over 20 Islamic Terrorists, members of the Islamic Cult the Taliban.  20 assholes that were denied their 72 virgins thanks to my son’s Army unit.  20 fewer assholes that may have been used to launch attacks here on US soil.

I would personally like to thank my son and the other members of the United States Army’s  for giving those 20 Islamic Terrorists a one way magic carpet ride to hell.

3 responses to “Proud Dad!

  1. As I recall there where not even one member of the 9/11 terrorist from Afghanistan, they were from Pakistan or Saudi Arabia, which by the way are US “allies”, but not from Afghanistan. So why, your child, is in the wrong and foreign country?
    I hope that your son comes back to you in one piece and no “Islamic Terrorist’s” father should be glad on the extinction of another “infidel”.

  2. Wow, Najat. Maybe you can tell me why Muslims are such illiterate jerks.

    Am echad, am meuchad. We will outlive you all, rest assured. Am Yisrael chai.

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