We Got Mail!

Actually it’s not mail, but a comment from a White Supremeacist piece of shit who calls himself “Incogman” in which threats against my life were made.

I betcha you’re just loving that cover art, huh fat Jew? I see you’re still belching bull about “Islamofascists” all over. Keep it up fatso, cause real America is starting to see your bullshit for what it is.

When the time comes, I’ll be looking for your fat hairy ass to put some rounds into.

Luckily I have recorded his email address and IP address incogman@hotmail.com | and have reported this to a friend of mine in the FBI and DHS.  Perhaps someday, this POS will be sharing a jail cell with a big black man named bubba licking Jelly off his nuts!  I personally think Incogman would look simply wonderful with a pair of tits tattooed on his back.

2 responses to “We Got Mail!

  1. My friend,

    Do not worry about the likes of that Incog bastard. He and the rest of the maggot pukes are merely pissed because their sisters took the tits out of their mouths. After blowing off steam they will drop their slimy heads and crawl back into the bowels of the outdoor toilets from which they came. Good always overcomes evil no matter how long it takes. They will not overcome. Trust me. There are too many good people in the world to even allow this vermin to get a toe-hold. He and others like him shall follow the demise of Homo Hitler. Be of good faith.

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