Obama: The Teflon Asshole!

You know how guys like to name their junk?  You know what I mean, give your purple headed bowiggley a name?  Hell, I named mine Stanley after the power tools.  Anyway this morning at about 6:30am, I was taking my usual morning shit.  I wiped my ass and not a smear of shit was on the toidy paper.  Not one single streak!  It reminded me of the mainstream media’s treatment of the presumptive Democratic Presidential (barf) nominee Barack Hussein Obama.  It doesn’t matter what that schmuck does, nothing sticks to him.  Nada, not one fucking thing.

Anyway, I know what your thinking, wtf does RJ’s asshole have to do with Obama and the naming of a penis?  Duh!  Obama is a huge asshole that shit doesn’t sticks too.  So in my infinate wisdom, I decided that Stanley needed a friend so I named my bunghole Barack Obama, the Teflon Asshole.  Shit does’nt stick to him, no matter how close he is to a dick!

Ya gotta admit, the guy is like a huge walking talking sphincter…Every time it opens up, nothing but shit comes out.

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