Obama To Israel: “Put Terrorism Into Context”

Once again, the Elitists Messiah proves to the world what a out of touch schmuck he truly is by telling Israellis, who are constantly under attack by Muslim Terrorists to essentially think outside of their own world and simply ignore the attacks.

From the Republican Jewish Coalition:

Washington, D.C. (July 22, 2008) —  The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) issued the following statement today:

“Senator Obama in Jordan today said that terrorism makes ‘Israelis want to dig in and simply think about their own security regardless of what’s going on beyond their borders.’  What Senator Obama fails to recognize is that the safety and security of its citizenry is the primary obligation of a country’s leadership.

In essence, Senator Obama is asking Israelis and the American Jewish community to put terrorism in context.  Senator Obama continues his rhetoric of moral equivalence by implying that measures taken by Israel to protect its citizens are on par with the Palestinians’ frustration at border checkpoints.  Senator Obama’s attempt at even-handed diplomacy fails to hold Palestinians accountable for using terrorist tactics against innocent Israeli citizens as a means to achieve their ends.”
Of course behind the Secret Service Security details and the elitist gated community in which the empty suit of a senator lives, he doesn’t have to worry daily about rocket attacks and suicide bombers.

2 responses to “Obama To Israel: “Put Terrorism Into Context”

  1. I needed a laugh today and found it here! Israelis under constant attack by “Muslim terrorists?” 🙂

    That is exactly why these “Muslim terrorists” are dying in their homes at the rate of 10 Palestinian to every Israeli thug! And the videos all over the internet are enough proof!

    I enjoy reading your jokes..


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