My Son Is Home From Afghanistan!

I spent the day with my son today.  As a father I cannot be more proud then I am of him.  He stationed with an artillery unit on a FOB in Afghanistan near the Pakistan border.  Since arriving in April this year his unit has 117 confirmed kills of Islamic Terrorists!  117 Jihadis that were sent on a one way magic carpet ride to Allah courtesy of my son and many other brave men like him in one of the worlds biggest litter boxes known as Afghanistan.

In honor of my son, I am posting this video from You Tube again.  Everytime I watch it, I admit that I tear up a little.  Out of pride, out of patriotism, and yes a little bit of me is always afraid for him.  He’s doing what he wants to do.  He’s a good kid!  I am proud and I love him very much.

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