18 responses to “Video: Sexy Jewish Girls From Israel!

  1. If the jews women knew wat they r worth than they would not display themselves like some cheap pieces of crap. Indeed you can learn so much from nature, look how pearls, diamonds, gold ,sliver are hidden because they are percious, so why can’t the one with interlect hide herself!!! And than you have the nervs to say muslim women r hidden away, say they know wat r worth!!!

  2. The reason why muslim women hide behind bedsheets is because they are (like their men) hideously ugly – it’s a fact.

    In fact, their men probably would prefer to hump a goat than their stinking, hairy, fugly wives

    Muslim cunts..

  3. Like Jewish men are sexy? They’re as ugly as a goat with lipstick on. Most of these arent middle eastern jews, european jews. The reason why our women have veils is because to decrease rape, adultery and other sexual crimes. while people like you, on the other hand, like to judge quickly on which chocolate you would like, covered or uncovered. You’re very impatient that adultery is considered “cool”. Barbarians? Hell yeah. May God punish those go astray.

  4. I have see both beautiful Jewish Women and beautiful Arab and Persian decent women. I think it is being modernized is what helped them bring out and be allowed to show their beauty. A woman coverning up her body in the Muslim places does not prevent rape or impurity ( they will get raped regardless, it just does not get reported out of fear of “family shame”). The covering is just a reminder of dark age oppression. Jewish women are very beautiful, but many need to get rid of the elitist “I’m God’s choson peoples” attitude. I know the war between the Arabs and Jews will go on forever, but I have never seen Jews attack Arabs except out of retaliation. Many Muslims believe that simply because Jews exist and nothing more is provocation enough to attack. This is another “I’m more supperior” attitude that sucks. If Muslims had as much ambition to invent and help their own people like the Jews do ,instead of focusing their energy on how to kill my “enemy”…then they could just chill and enjoy wealth and peace they have created. Vain pride and blame and stubborness won’t allow that. One is on a finacial and influential conquest, the other on a religious conquest….which one scares you more. I like the Jews and Muslims who don’t look down on me because I’m not one of them.

  5. If Muhammad existed then he is the most bloodiest figures in human history. Islam is false, backwards, barbaric, mysogynistic, intolerent, inhumane and is a cult. I feel pity for Muslims cuz its rlly not their fault that they behave like animals but its becuz of Islam. Even the Muslims in KSA are ashamed of their religious acts in today’ s world, but they do it nonetheless cuz of their religion and the fear of disobeying their imaginary satanic God-Allah. These acts include beheadings, stonings, amputations of body parts for minor crimes like adultery, blasphemy, apostasy. Its time for the Muslims to leave Islam by gettin educated to join the humanity. In order to find the truth about Islam go to http://www.faithfreedom.org. Also go and learn abt evolution in order to know the truth of the origin of life.

  6. EX-CUSE ME,
    dear mahin mahbub im feeling something missing inside u .u must not have manner abt that not to make anyones self abusive if jews like to be abusive than it would the worst thing to be jewish im personally a cecullar but respects the personalities like.mohammed pbuh.jesus christ and all that who made their efforts for peace the way they had chosen is the best comparative to that time.I m very sorry to say but wht u and i have done for this entire world peace.so please not go amongst the communities always select personalities for u r own impression and try to feel ur existence placing ur sef different from all the other inhabitants.i hope u understand.

  7. Fuck that bastard muzzie (terrorist) who wrote fuck Mahin Mahabub.
    Zaman: Sure Muhammad (piss b upon him) was “peaceful”, i.e., if u consider killing, looting, murdering, oppressing, brainwashing, raping of jews, christians and other non-muslim “peaceful”. And Fuck Islam! Fuck Allah! Fuck Muhammad and also fuck the muzzies! They all deserve 2 to die! Bunch of uncivilized pigs tryin 2 destroy world peace.

  8. I am a gay arab who when he isn’t fucking little boys while reading the Koran, I am out sucking goat cock. I deserve to have an American missile shot up my ass.

  9. I am a gay arab pedophile who when he isn’t fucking little boys while reading the Koran, I am out sucking goat cock. I deserve to have an American missile shot up my ass.

  10. What if they have an adverse purpose behinde Showing off their stuff? aren’t they distracting non-jewish people from what they should go for?

  11. I’ve always wondered what a right winged jew from Israel would be since I heard Tzipi Hoitlevi say that she was. Odd, since in America I’m the liberal for being a jew and in reply to the comment made that
    “If the jews women knew wat they r worth than they would not display themselves like some cheap pieces of crap” I’d agree, I mean we’ve got all sorts of ho’s in america looking like that 24/7 but it’s more of a universal thing cause we’ve got cheap armenian hookers like the Kardashians as well

  12. Sorry but these women aren’t really that sexy….I met several jews in my privite life and they are more ugly (the women especially) than hot and look nothing like the women in these videos.Also these women don’t represend “Jewish women’s” beauty.Cause they look to me more like mixed race Jews..Sorry to say but i have seen wayyyy hotter women than these…Anyway if that can help you i would rather looked like this sexy morrocan ladies i knew back in my london days than these girls here.I have seen many pretty women from Morrocco,Lybia,Lebanon,Persia but sorry i haven’t seen a pretty worth looking JEwish girl.I think that jews are very obsessed to make themselves look the most beautiful people in the world when sorry to say this….nobody pays attention to you….

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