Almighty Allah busted on drug charges

This is a true story, you just cannot make shit like this up!

The supreme being Allah (Police Be Upon Him) was flat out busted buying illegal drugs.

From WFSB.Com

Members of the East Central Narcotics Task Force arrested a West Hartford man was arrested after a short chase in South Windsor Thursday evening.

According to police, Almighty Supremebeing Allah, 35, of 119 Elmhurst St. West Hartford refused to stop for a marked cruiser and was detained about a mile down the road after the initial stop.

He was charged with Reckless Driving, Disobeying an Officers Signal, Interfering with an Officer, Criminal Attempt/Sale of Cocaine Criminal Attempt/Possession of Cocaine.

Police say Allah was held on a $260,000.00 bond and will be in Manchester Superior Court on Friday.

I’ve got dollars to donuts that he changes his name to “Jesus Christ” while in Prison!  I’m just wondering if the  schmucks from the unindicted co-conspirators CAIR will bail him out and file a lawsuit for Islamaphobia?

Personally, I think we should deport the putz to Iran and let the mullahs deal with him, but if there is any justice at all, Allah will soon be getting a set of boobs tattooed on his back and will be licking jelly from his cellmate’s butt crack!

The Almighty Supreme Being Allah (Police Be Upon Him)

The Almighty Supreme Being Allah (Police Be Upon Him)

2 responses to “Almighty Allah busted on drug charges

  1. George W. Bush and the (Christians) United States government know that I am receiving General Relief and that it is only Two hundred and twenty-one dollars a month. They shorten General Relief & Ware fare from a year to nine months. Allah, the Christians in America and other countries is refusing to pay me child support for Torah & Gospel that puts them under Your protection. “Allah” I cannot afford to hire the African-Americans who is the Israelites and Egyptians (Muslims), Your faithful servants, the repenting ones. Allah, please help me “Lord God”. The (Christians) & Jews have declared war on us. They raise the food and utilities so high that we cannot afford it, alone with the gas & oil prices. We couldn’t equal afford to pay our mortgages. They had imposes very high taxes & fee that is ill legal in Your sight “Allah”. They put an undercover fee on all things in which they keep raising, from their stamps to their transportation, to keep them living in comfort. George W. Bush had him leaders of the countries to steal my alms: Torah & Gospel. They made robbery rise up in the land forcing good people to turn to selling drugs and prostitution to support themselves and their family. And refuse to give us our state, so that we cannot put peace in all nations as ordain by You. It is written that {the Israelites} will be over all nations. In reading this they made up a three strikes law, giving my people twenty-five years to life, a law not from Lord God: (The Koran). When my people call on the sheriffs or police to settle a family problem, the sheriffs or police shoot down the family member, making the person who call them for help, regret for calling them. When we go to jail, we get years. And Christians get days and weeks

  2. Black people, Allah Almighty God has free us from the state of captivity in all nations. For making: The Egyptians Exalted wife of Uriah. Being His true servants the Israelites: Marwa, Michael, Adam, Abel, Moses, Aaron, David, Solomon, Mary, Jesus, Muhammad, Job, Noah, Malik, Hud and others. George W. Bush the ancient kingdom of Egypt was my county before slavery. The Sphinx is my forefather. Your forefathers deface it hoping to deceive me. By broking off it nose and lips. Stop robbing my forefather’s tombs and return all the treasures you and your forefathers stole. We are the faithful servants of the One and only Lord God that is in all bibles: “Allah Almighty God” the World Greatest Most High Exalted Creator and Ruler of the Universe. Who gave Abraham the title of (Muslim)? And he put the title on his people the African-Americans who is the Israelites & Egyptians (Muslims). Saying: “Allah” out of all those that case light, none can light a candle to You, Lord God. “Allah” please forgive us
    the (nation) of Africa, that is not (Africa), but is the (nation) of {Israel}: Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Senegal, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Zaire, Mozambique, South Israel, Sudan, Angola, Chad, Burkina Faso, Benin, Algeria, Libya, Ghana, Niger, Nigeria, Zambia, Namibia, Togo, Botswana, Mali, Guinea, Somalia, Mauritania and other counties. “Allah” please have mercy, and grant Your peace upon all people on earth, so that we may leave America, Lord God

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