Iran Surrenders In Face Of Jewish Might In Beijing Olympic Games

Probably out of fear of being hanged or tortured by the Islamic idiots who rule Iran, an Iranian swimmer showed the true face of Islamic Cowerdace by backing out of an Olympic Swimming event in which he was up against an Israeli competitor.

From Breitbart.Com

An Iranian swimmer pulled out of the Olympic Games men’s 100m breaststroke heats on Saturday, just minutes before he was due to compete against an Israeli rival. Mohammad Alirezaei’s lane one was empty when the field left the starting blocks while Israel’s Tom Beeri, starting in lane seven, finished fourth.

Israel, the Middle East region’s sole if undeclared nuclear power, considers Iran its main strategic threat because of its nuclear programme and repeated predictions of the Jewish state’s demise by senior Iranian leaders.

It would appear that the Iranian olympic team is being trained by either the French Military or the Democratic National Committee for they seem to have the same tactic in the face of adversity.  Quit, surrender, retreat, we cannot win is the same banner carried by Obama, Pelosi, and Murtha.

At least he pulled out, which is probably what John Edwards should have done!  I truly believe that the Iranian sissies would probably get their asses handed to them by even a bunch of Jewish Girls!  I highly doubt this was out of “Solidarity” with Palestinians, it was more likely a case of this Iranian/Islamic schmuck not being able to bear the thought of loosing to of all people…..A Joooo!


Shalom Bitches!

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