The Almighty One, Obama Benefits More From Big Oil Money Then McCain

Citizen of the world and the Messianic Presumptive Democratic Nominee for President, Barack Hussein Obama (PBUH) who preaches the Evils of the “Big Oil” companies like Exxon and all but says that McCain is in the pocket of “Big Oil” has been exposed as lining his own pockets and being the biggest benificiary of campaign funds from the executives of Exxon, Chevron, and British Petroleum (BP).

From The Washington Post:

The Democratic National Committee may be trying to get some mileage out of recent news about oil industry contributions to Republican Sen. John McCain, launching a web site spoofing the idea of McCain sharing his presidential ticket with Exxon. But they may have found an unwelcome surprise in a just-released analysis by the Center for Responsive Politics.

Turns out, the biggest recipient of contributions from Exxon executives and employees during this campaign is not McCain. It’s Obama.

The non-partisan center writes: “Through June, Exxon employees have given Obama $42,100 to McCain’s $35,166. Chevron favors Obama $35,157 to $28,500, and Obama edges out McCain with BP $16,046 vs. $11,500.”


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