DNC Convention Schedule

The DNC has announced its schedule for the upcoming convention in Denver, Colorado.  I gathered these little ideas from around the web.

Monday August 25 – Opening ceremonies with white flag waving.

Monday, August 25th – Opening Prayer: Reverend Jeremiah Wright gives the Benediction (viewer discretion advised)

Monday, August 25- George Soros relates how buying a party and installing a candidate, can secure a Marxist agenda.

Monday, August 25-Bill Clinton and John Edwards host a seminar: Deny, Deny, Deny – How to Cheat on your Spouse in the National Spotlight.

Monday, Aug. 25th  2:00pm – 2:01pm (Slideshow)  “Proud Moments in American History” 

Monday, August 25 — One Nation Under Obama Monday’s headline prime-time speaker will be Michelle Obama on the topic of One Nation I Truly Despise.

Tuesday, August 26th – John Edwards addresses the convention on “Family Values”

Tueday 26 August: Renewing America’s Promise or how to hate America while enjoying its benefits.

Tuesday, August 26- Former President Bill Clinton will host a fun afternoon of Pin the Cigar on/in the intern.

Wednesday, August 27th – William Ayers conducts bomb-making seminar.

Wednesday, August 27-Bill & Hillary Clinton Host a Seminar on “The Successful Selling of White House & Air Force One Mementos on eBay & Craigslist”

Wednesday, August 27th-Workshop on how to reduce your carbon footprint by teaching your neighbors how to perform organic, sustainable, and locally procured abortions?

Thursday, August 28th- Congressman William Jefferson “Amana vs. Fridgidaire? – where to keep your cold hard cash”

Thursday, August 28t- The Almighty Barack Hussein Obama (PBUH) and Senator John Kerry hold question and answer session on the intricacies of the political flip-flop.

Thursday, August 28 – Closing ceremonies and BHO’s keynote speech: Change Will Be All You Have Left In Your Pocket.

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