Loser Ticket Confirmed Obama Picks Moonbat As Running Mate: Sen. Joe Biden

Senator Hillary Clinton must be smiling from ear to ear this morning after hearing that her nemesis, Democratic Messiah Barack Hussein Obama picked Senator Joe Biden as his running mate for the 2008 Presidential Election, Biden being the south end of this Denver bound Jackass.

Breaking: Obama selects Joe Biden as his VP running mate

So the recent events in Georgia involving Russian troops sent shock waves all the way down Chicago’s Michigan Avenue to Obama headquarters. He decided to call in one of the Senate’s top foreign policy experts to counter another of the Senate’s top foreign policy experts.

Sen. Barack Obama, the Democrats’ about-to-be presidential nominee, has chosen a fellow senator, Joe Biden of Delaware, as his about-to-be running mate for the Nov. 4 general election.

Two high-ranking Democratic Party officials have confirmed the choice of the veteran to The Times. Republican reaction is included at the end of this item.

The official announcement should come shortly, as promised, in an e-mail and text message dispatched to hundreds of thousands of Obama supporters around the world.

I’m assuming that McCain is as pleased as the Clintons over Obamessiah’s choice leaving her open for a run against President John McCain in 2012 after Biden & Obama blow it this November.  I wonder if Obama tested Biden’s tires to see if they were properly inflated and that led to his ultimate decision?

I admit, I was hoping and praying all week that the Chosen One would choose someone that’s an even bigger leftist moonbat then himself….Who says Hashem does’nt answer prayers?  I’m probably happier then Billary Clinton this morning at this decision!  Woo Hoo!

Even Joe Biden has stated in the past that Obama was not ready to be President.

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