Ayers Raid: The Dark Sith Lord, Darth Hussein Obama Feeling The Heat!

The Dark Sith Lord, Darth Hussein Obama

The Dark Sith Lord, Darth Hussein Obama

What do Barack Hussein Obama and Osama bin Laden have in common?  They both have friends who bombed the Pentagon!  Unfortunately that’s not a joke, it’s a fact.  Just how much do we really know about Barack Obama?

Wannabe Supreme Emporor Barack Hussein Obama has set loose his thugs to silence any free speech that brings in to question his past association with terrorists and criminals.

From Hot Air:

I noted this morning that the Obama campaign’s Chicago-style thug effort to shut down the independent ad on Bill Ayers is part of the larger effort to intimidate conservative donors and curtail the free speech of The One’s critics.

It’s getting uglier, people.

Obama’s lawyer has sent a second letter to the Justice Department calling for the head of Dallas billionare Harold Simmons, who funded the Ayers ad that the Obama campaign doesn’t want the public to see.

Imagine what this egomaniacal genital wart would do if he had Presidential Powers.  Obama and a Democratic controlled legislature would bring back the Fairness doctrine in order to whittle away at free speech.

I am starting to see the Ayers connection as Obama’s archiles heel.  John Kerry was “Swift Boated”, I believe that Obama is about to be “Ayers Raided”!

5 responses to “Ayers Raid: The Dark Sith Lord, Darth Hussein Obama Feeling The Heat!

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  2. Are you kidding?! If anything he is the light side of the force. He takes attacks from McCain and remains calm and serene.

  3. Barack Obama is removing our rights and must be stopped! He might not be the evil force weilding figure in the picture, but he is close. He is removing our rights of owning firearms and just like it says free speech!!! He is polluting the drinking water with Fluoride and even MERCURY. If you don’t believe me go buy the tests for mercury and submerge them in unfiltered city tap water. You will find low but noticeable traces of Mercury and Fluoride. The chemical effects of these elements are simple; Fluoride calms the body and makes it easier to stay calm, which seems like a good thing, or a way to silence protests; Mercury on the other hand will deteriorate brain cells and make a person turn into a LUNATIC. The lunacy would make it impossible to testify against him in any court do the fact that you would be certifiably insane. http://www.infowars.com is a great and honest way to stay educated and informed, I recommend you listen in!

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