Obama Campaign Makes Huge Ayers In Judgment

As we all know, Obama’s Mob Like Goons are trying keep under wraps the exposure of the Obamessiah’s connections to Terrorists, Thugs, Goons, and Criminals, but as the saying goes, “The Chosen one doth protest too much, methinks” and the protests from his campaign is bringing added publicity to the issue despite his underhanded efforts.

From Michelle Malkin:

Just obtained the latest counterpunch from American Issues Project, the independent group running the ad about Bill Ayers that the Obama campaign doesn’t want you to see. (Embedded again at the end of this post. Keep passing it around.)

As I’ve pointed out repeatedly over the past few days, Obama’s attempt to bully TV stations airing the ad and stop scrutiny of his radical ties is part and parcel of a larger campaign to chill the free speech of conservative political activists and donors.

AIP sends the same message to the DOJ’s Deputy Assistant Attorney General John Keeney and turns the tables on the Chicago thugs:

Re: Response to August 25, 2008 Letter to DOJ from Obama Presidential Campaign (“Second Letter”)

I think this is a wonderful response to Obama’s Brownshirt Nazi like tactics.  His bus carrying America on for a totalitarian state may have just had the brakes slammed on it and is coming up on some huge speed bumps and a road block known as the Constitution!

Take that Biatch!

2 responses to “Obama Campaign Makes Huge Ayers In Judgment

  1. Since when do radical conservatives think the constitution means anything?
    The fact that this comment, that I am writing right this very moment is in a government database is a bigger violation of the constitution then Obama trying to stop misleading ads…
    Or how about how those protesters are being treated in denver? that is a far greater violation of the constitution then this bullshit.

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