To Ayers Is Obama, To Forgive? Not so much. Updated!

In the continuing saga of Barack Hussein Obama’s personal friend and the man who helped launch Obama’s political career and is a known unrepentent terrorist who participated in a terrorist attack against the Pentagon and feels to this day that he and his collegues didn’t do enough.

From Fox News:

William Ayers, who was a founder of the 1960s and 1970s radical group the Weather Underground, told FOX News correspondent James Rosen in a candid 2004 interview that he still believed he was “on the side of justice” years after the group’s wave of attacks.

In the interview, conducted three years after the September 11 attacks, Ayers argued the U.S. government had carried out “many other acts of terror … even recently, that are comparable,” and claimed he and his bomb-planting comrades were “restrained” in their actions.

Ayers, now a professor at the University of Illinois, Chicago, served with Barack Obama on the board of the charitable Woods Fund of Chicago for three years and helped launch Obama’s political career in Illinois by hosting in his Hyde Park home an informal campaign event for the future state senator in 1995.

Ayers claimed the Weathermen were driven by “hope and love,” not despair, and said he did not think the group’s violent acts, targeting federal officials and local law enforcement officers, were “a big deal.”

I wanna know why this guy is able to teach at a university?  Granted, the people responsible for teaching our kids in our nations universities nowadays are of the far left, Socialist/Communist/Anti-American Scum variety who limit free speech and independent thought and use the classroom much in the way the Soviets and the Chinese “Re-Educate” their population.

One can only imagine the hatred for this country that the Messiah Barack Hussein Obama feels deep down in his heart to associate himself with such douchebags.


Retrieved some facts about Ceasar Obama’s Terrorist buddy from around the globe.

Fact: Ayers was a well-known communist crackpot whose views were widely known. On September 11, 2001, Ayers stated that he was proud of bombing the Pentagon, saying “We didn’t do enough.”

Fact: Obama had no problem serving with Ayers on the boards of both the Annenberg Challenge and The Woods Fund.

Fact: These boards dispensed funds to groups like ACORN, a group with a sordid record of vote fraud including paying for votes with crack cocaine.

And the Arab American Action Network, founded by Rashid Khalidi, a member of the terrorist group PLO.

Please Your Obamaness, let’s bring this issue into the public arena.  Afterall, according to you, there is nothing to hide, right?  Or is there??????  Bwahahahahahahah

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