Obama: “You Can’t Touch This”

Does this schmucks ego know no bounds?  Everytime Obama puts his foot in his mouth his responses to the media are that he is above reproach.  His own self image of greatness makes him think that any criticism of him is racist and unpatriotic.

From Michelle Malkin:

You know my favorite part of Barack Obama’s response to the lipstick bungle? It’s this obnoxious phrase, which hasn’t been remarked upon much today:

“I don’t care what they say about me but I love this country too much to let them take over another election…”

Yes, yes, because Obama is Truth, Justice, and the American Way! And all who dare mock him or challenge his Absolute Moral Authority suffer from patriotism deficiency.

He loves his country so much he sent his lawyers to stifle the free speech of television stations running ads critical of his terror ties.

He loves his country so much he slimed investigative journalist Stanley Kurtz and pushed his cult followers to shut down Chicago radio station WGN and host Milt Rosenberg, who probed Obama’s ties to terrorist Bill Ayers and his failed educational projects.

Quite the ego Obama has.  He’s only 44 yrs old and has published 2 autobiographies to express his ego driven prophesies after having accomplished nothing in his 44 yrs on this planet. 

I’m rather enjoying watching his whole campaign go down the political toilet like a big old smelly turd.  Watching him self destruct is hilarious beyond any written comedy. 

As for me, I love this country too much to see him get elected.

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