Barack Obama: The High Tech Bozo

Recently, Presidential wannabe and Community Organizer Barack Hussein Obama criticised future President John McCain about his lack of high tack prowess with email and as usual, the egotistical elitist schmuck Obama didn’t realize that many Americans who still cling to their guns and religion alson don’t use computers or rarely use email.

From Michelle Malkin:

Obama shouldn’t pat himself on the back so hard for his computer savvy. This is the guy who couldn’t get his massively hyped Magic Text Message on the Biden announcement right.

A commenter at the liberal TNR blog is shaking his/her head: “I just don’t get the thinking behind it at all. Don’t they realize that there are 83 million Americans in the non-line community? And most of those are probably in downscale households they NEED to turn out? They’re insulting these people! Gratuitously!”

So freaking what if the Obamessiah can use a computer?  Obama gives speeches from a teleprompter but is unable to form complete sentences without hemming and hawing when asked to speak off the cuff.  He is demonstrating his lack of desire to focus attention on the real issues of his campaign such as his lack of being able to explain his association with terrorists, criminals and a racist preacher.

I have a humorous reminder of the Chosen One’s high tech savvy with communication device that was invented over 100 yrs ago…..

Obama, the high tech bozo

Obama, the high tech bozo

Elitist like Obama just don’t understand mainstream America, only their little elite corner of the planet.

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