Elitists For Obama: See Babs Streisand Meltdown For $28,500

While the American Financial institutions are collapsing, Barack Hussein Obama and his Hollyweird Elitist friends are shelling out $28,500 to have dinner with the Obamessiah and listen to the shrieking song stylings of Babs Streisand, and everyone is wondering if Streisand will have one of her signature meltdowns caused by BDS.

FromMichelle Malkin:

It’s been the headline on Drudge all day: Hollyweird is getting ready to fork over millions to save Obama at Beverly Hills meg-million-dollar fundraiser tonight.

Barbra Streisand will sing at a $28,500-per-person gala.

Will she be able to keep it together — or will we see another meltdown?


Just yesterday, Obama was declaring that we are in the midst of a financial crisis and today he will be dining on arugula and expensive imported Spanish Ham with his Elite Millionaire friends while boasting about his being the One who will deliver the average joe from the Evils of the Republican Party by raising taxes and giving free health care to non working people at the cost of those who work. 

Messiah or False Prophet

Messiah or False Prophet

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