Best Phone Call Evah!

I just got the greatest phone call.  It was from the Democratic Party here in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  They wanted to know if I had given any thought to the Presidential Election and if I had decided on a candidate.

I informed the caller politely that I had given alot of thought to the election and when asked who my candidate of choice was, I told her it was John McCain and Sarah Palin!  When she asked me why I had come to that decision, I told her because I felt the only “Change” Barack Obama represented was the change in my pocket that he was after to pay for all of his socialist programs and that I was one of those people that was “Clinging to my faith and my guns”.  I also informed her that it was John McCain’s choice of Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate that was the deal closer between me voting for McCain or “None of the Above”

She disconnected the call quickly upon that declaration.

McCain * Palin 2008

McCain * Palin 2008

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