Obama: The Musical!

The cult sensation Barack Obama is about to become a Character of a Musical Play in London.

From Telegraph.co.uk

Having set alight the race for the White House, Senator Barack Obama is about to work his magic on the London stage.

Written and produced by the Ohio-born Teddy Hayes, The Obama Musical focuses on the personalities behind the Democratic candidate’s campaign.

Songs in the show, due to receive its premiere at Barons Court Theatre next month, include Obama and Me, which is sung by an obsessive member of his team and includes the lyric: “We are a pair/like chocolate and éclair”.

Hayes said: “I’ve done a bit of work for the Obama campaign and this is a send-up of what happens behind the scenes.”

I can picture this musical being alot like a “Magic Show”.  Much like his image and campaign it would consist of alot of  Illusions and Smoke & Mirrors.

Much of the soundtrack they could steal from other successful productions….The Wizard of Oz comes to mind, especially the song, “If I only had a brain”, like the main characters of the production, he lacks any heart, brains, and no courage, so it could be the autobiographical story of his life put to music.

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