Barack Obama Says “John McCain Is Absolutely Right”

Team McCain is all over this and earning their money with a rapid response to tonights Debates in which McCain clearly came out on top of Obama despite his slow start.

One can only wonder after listening to the “Chosen One” tonight, if he has any ideas that are of his own design.

According to the Fox News Channel, Barack Obama agreed with McCain 8 times during tonights debate and McCain stated that Barack Obama “Doesn’t Understand” 7 times.

After watching the debate, the question comes to mind.  Is Obama ready to lead?  Nope, but he seems ready to follow McCain!  The Obamessiah proved tonight that their are alot of things in this world that can be fixed, but there isn’t a pill, or a shot that you can take because you cannot cure stupid!

Shalom Biotches!

4 responses to “Barack Obama Says “John McCain Is Absolutely Right”

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  3. This proves my point that the debate was a love affair. McCain would say something, Obama would agree. I’m begining to wonder if Obama has a man crush on McCain. Please let 3rd party candidates debate. If someone is on the ballot in enough states to win, they should be allowed to debate. Let Ron Paul, Ralph Nader and Bob Barr in there!

  4. Without the teleprompter, Obama is nothing but empty promises, and platitudes that parrots the Dumbocratic Party line. Where is the so called “Change”? THe only change coming to Washington I’ve seen is McCain.

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