Obama’s SS Goon Squad On The Attack


Democrats New Logo

Democrats New Logo

Wannabe Thug in Chief Barack Obama is now recruiting the Local Law Enforcement Establishment in Missouri to beef up the ranks of his Facist Brown Shirt squad of Thugs to intimidate anyone who dares speak out against him and his campaign of “Change”

From Michelle Malkin:


September 26, 2008 – Barack Obama is now using local law enforcement officials to carry out his campaign of legal intimidation by assembling a group of high-ranking Missouri police officials and prosecutors – including St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCullough and City of St. Louis Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce – to identify and target anyone the campaign determines is producing “misleading” political advertisements.

“This is an outrageous and shocking attempt by the Obama campaign to again employ Stalinist, police state tactics against those who dare to disagree with Barack Obama,” said Ed Martin, American Issues Projects president. “I am frankly stunned to see public officials like McCullough and Joyce abusing their official prosecutorial positions to serve as attack dogs for a national political campaign. I am quite certain Missourians elected these individuals to enforce the laws and arrest criminals, not to throw people in jail for daring to practicing free speech.

“The Obama campaign continues to provide a chilling preview of what would happen to political freedom in an Obama administration.”

This new effort is only the most recent attempt by the Obama campaign to crack down on free speech. Obama’s lawyers twice demanded the Department of Justice investigate and prosecute the American Issues Project, its officers, board of directors, and donors. The campaign also threatened stations running American Issues Project’s ad in an unsuccessful attempt to compel them to pull the spot, and ran its own ad in response.

Notably, this ad failed to dispute a single fact the American Issues Project has put forth.
About American Issues Project

American Issues Project is a 501(c)4 organization representing a coalition of conservative activists committed to raising important issues that deserve deeper examination given their impact on policy and politics. In accordance with federal law, American Issues Project only solicits and accepts contributions from individuals and not from any business corporation. For more information, visit:www.americanissuesproject.org.

About the Ad

The American Issues Project’s ad describing the relationship between Obama and Ayers aired 7,307 times from August 21 – 29 on 69 stations in 14 markets within Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia. The total ad buy was $2.8 million, making it the largest third-party expenditure to date in this election cycle. An electronic version of the ad and full documentation of all statements in the ad are available at American Issues Project’s website:www.americanissuesproject.org.

This brings back memories of Hitler’s goons using intimidation to keep his opposition in line prevent free speech from interfering with his political goals.

The Nazi Democrat Police State was to ensure that everybody did as they were told – or paid the price. The Nazi Democrat Police were controlled by Heinrich Himmler Howard Dean and his feared secret police – the Gestapo DNC- did as it pleased in Nazi Germany America. Children’s loyalty could be developed with a policy of indoctrination via education and the Hitler Obama Youth movement. Time and planning spent in these areas would bring a suitable reward for Hitler Obama. 

Some adults clearly supported  Hitler Obama as the March 1933 2008 Primary election showed. But the same election clearly showed that a substantial number of Germans Americans did not support Hitler Obama and the Nazis Democrats. These people were likely to be a constant thorn for Hitler Obama unless they were dealt with. For these people, the Nazis Democrats developed a policy of intimidation. Fear became a by-word for those who did not support Hitler Obama. The wrong comment overheard by a Nazi Democrat official could have very serious consequences.

Amazing how these tactics used by the Obama campaign are apparently out of the same playbook used by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party.  Noone is allowed to criticize the “Chosen One” now that Obama’s Stalinist/Nazi goons are leading the charge for power.


The New Symbol For Hope & Change

The New Symbol For Hope & Change

This is clearly the “Change” Obama has in mind for America.

2 responses to “Obama’s SS Goon Squad On The Attack

  1. So now we cannot tell the truth about Obama if his goon squad decides it’s a lie? Great picture of Lord Obama. Apparently no criticism allowed. Mccullough needs to remember he will be up for election again. This is one Republican who will not forget these goon squad tactics.

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