Oprah Winfrey’s Mother: “Can I Get A Bailout?”

Talk TV Diva and huge supporter of Barack Obama, Oprah Winfey who’s mother ran up $155,547.31 in credit card purchases is being sued by a department store for not paying her bill and she is now taking on the irresponsible mentality of entitlement and is saying she shouldn’t have to pay her bill, that the store should have never extended her credit and apparently her daughter Oprah is way to busy helping Obama overthrow the United States Constitution to help her momma.

From Michelle Malkin:

Oprah Winfrey’s mother should not have to pay a high-end fashion store the more than $150,000 it says it is owed because the store extended credit despite knowing her troubles managing debt, according to a new court filing.
101970Vernita Lee

Valentina Inc. sued Winfrey’s mother, Vernita Lee of Milwaukee, in July, contending that she racked up a bill of $155,547.31 in purchases and interest as of July 1. She was required to make a minimum monthly payment of $2,000 to the store, the suit says.

Mediation between the two sides failed last week, prompting Lee to file a counterclaim contending she does not owe the money.

The account is “unconscionable, and therefore, unenforceable because Valentina knowingly and unfairly took advantage of Lee’s lack of knowledge, ability, and/or capacity when Valentina created the account,” the civil lawsuit says.

It is the second time Lee and Valentina have been in conflict over her wardrobe bill.

In 2002, Lee was ordered to pay $35,000 upfront and make monthly payments of $5,000 until another past-due bill of $174,285 was paid, according to court records.

As part of the resolution of that case, a court order dismissing the case included the phrase, “Valentina Boutique, Inc., shall not at any time extend further store credit to the Defendant, Vernita Lee.”

The 2002 case was dismissed as long as Lee made the payments, which she did, according to the counterclaim.

Lee has had an open-ended charge account with Valentina since January 2004, according to the recent civil case.

Lee also contends that the store violated the Truth in Lending Act by not disclosing the finance charge and annual percentage rate in the account more conspicuously.

Just who the hell does she think she is, Fannie Mae?  Didn’t Oprah just recently give her momma a $100k for Mothers Day?  Pay your damn bills!  

I would like to know, when did personal responsiblity and self accountability die?  Are we that far down the road of Marxism that we are to depend on the government for everything in our daily lives?  

I have to pay my bills, noone else is going to pay them for me, and I don’t expect anyone, least of all, the Gubmit, to pay my bills.  

I have an idea for a new book for Oprah’s Book Club…….The Complete Idiots Guide To Personal Finance
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One response to “Oprah Winfrey’s Mother: “Can I Get A Bailout?”

  1. Michelle, you of all people need to shut the fuck up about oprah and mind your own damn business. We know you are for Mccain with your dumb ass and continue kissing palin’s ass. You will get no more than any of the rest of your mexican relatives except a swift kick in the ass over the mexican border. Tootaloo you idiot……

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